ITAMMA organises events under the theme “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav”

ITAMMA organises events under the theme “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav”

It was a celebration of 75   years of India’s Independence, in Partnership with Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI).

The first seminar of ITAMMA was held on 20 thNovember 2021 at Ahmedabad which was followed by other 9 seminars / conferences in the series. During all the events, local associations, research centres and academicians along with the stakeholders, were invited in order to create a platform of bringing these 4 fraternities together for discussion, during every event in order to explore the proposal s which can be submitted to MHI under the various schemes for approval.

Dr Prof Ashwin Thakkar, LD College of Engineeringas a Guests Speaker delivered his presentation on “Role of Academic Institution in the Growth of Indian Textile Engineering Industry ” informed about the infrastructure available with the LD College of Engineering and the initiatives which have been taken by the college in the field of Textile Engineering.

Conservation Research Association (PCRA) made presentations on “Energy Conservation Opportunities in Textile Industry”. The Electrical unit consumption problem was very severe at Bhiwandi so the presentation of Daspute was very much helpful to the delegates, who also given detailed idea of Energy Audit and the areas where the development in the machines and components essential for the Conservation of Energy.

Ketan Sanghvi, Partner of Laxmi Textile Stores made his presentation on the “Successful implementation of the Rapier loom at CMTI” under the MHI project. His presentation created an atmosphere and confidence among the dele gates / stake holders, to come forward and explore for the formation of SPV/ Cluster in the manufacturing of machines, components etc.

Harakchand Dodhia, Head Engineering & Sizing from Dodhia Group delivered the presentation on “ MHI Assistanc e Needed for Te chnology Gap of Textile Engineering Industry at Bhiwandi” and informed the details of the technology gap which are being faced by the Bhiwandi Textile Cluster. He also gave the details in regard with the hurdles / limitations of the Bhiwandi Textile Industry in going for modernisation. He also pointed out the areas where the

assistance required from the State and Centra l Government for creating a Sustaina ble Eco System.

N D Mhatre, Director General (Tech) ITAMMA, explained how the Stake Holder of Bhiwandi can be benefited by the schemes of MHI in the formation of SPV / cluster.

Guests Speakers from research institute of textiles and agriculture university, were invited with an objective was to inform the Stake Holders ab out the facilities available with the university and the possible proposal which can be prepared for manufacturing of Machine, components, formation of cluster et c. along with the universities.

Dr Vinay Midha, HOD, Department of Textile Technology, B.R. Ambedkar N.I.T. J alandhar gave a detailed presentation on the facilities and infrastructure available with National Institute of Technology for the development of Textile Engineer Industry of Ludhiana.

Dr Shiv Kumar Lohan, Scientist (FMPE) of Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana gave a detailed information on the work done by Punjab Agricultural University for the farming industry of Ludhiana. He also gave the information of the various projects imitated by Punjab Agricultural University. For the development of the Farming / Agricultural industry, he also informed about the projects in pipeline and proposals which can be submitted to MHI under the various schemes for funding along with joint ventures with these stake holders.

Kamal Kulshreshtha, Manager – International Business Development of Colorjet India gave a detailed presentation on the Latest Technology In Digital Printing and he also gave the Scope of Development of these technologies with Stake Holders of Ludhiana Textile Industry.

Uday Shankar, Head Sales, The Tata Power Co Ltd gave a detailed presentation on solar  project where concentration done on Clean Energy and stressed upon this subject which is  being covered under the schemes of Ministry of Heavy Industries.  

Pramod Daspute, B.E.E. Certified Energy Auditor and External Faculty from Petroleum  Conservation Research Association (PCRA) delivered presentations on “Energy Audit a  savings in Electrical Energy for Malegaon Powerloom Industry”. The problem of Electrical unit  consumption was very severe at Malegaon accordingly Mr. Daspute stressed on Energy  Audit and the areas where the development in the machines and components essential for  the Conservation of Energy.  

In order to provide a business option for the Malegaon Industrialist, Mr. Arvind Shah, expert &  Entrepreneur carrying manufacturing of Banana fibre was invited. Mr. Arvind Shah, Proprietor  of Arvind Silk Mills presented on the topic “Scope of Products from Banana Fibre for the  Malegaon Textile Industry”. Thereafter Mr. N D Mhatre invited the entrepreneurs of Malegaon  to form a cluster for the manufacturing of machines for this project of development of  products from Banana fibre.  

Ziya Hakeemproprietor of ZiyaTextile informed that at one stage Malegaon was a  component manufacturing industry and know for these products like lungi and saree. He said  that with the proactive initiatives of MHI in the formation of cluster of manufacturers of  machines and components, we shall once again come forward as the manufacturers of  machines and components. It is the need of the hour in the formation of technical institutes/  textile colleges / machine tool room in Malegaon. 

Ganesh Shenoy, Managing Director of Tex-Fab Industries Pvt Ltd gave detailed  presentation on “New Technology for Cost Reduction in Yarn Dyeing & Drying”. He has given  an insight of various technologies available in their machines from the point of view of Energy  and Water conservation which is a very important aspect for the Towel and Chaddar  Industry of Sholapur where the dyes and the chemicals plays a vital role in the delivery of  colourful towels and chaddars. He also informed that he is willing to work with ITAMMA and  TDF for the development of special machines or COE for the benefit of Sholapur Towel and  Chaddar Industry  

N D Mhatre gave a detailed presentation during each  of the above event on “Awareness on Schemes of Capital Goods Sector & Government  Initiatives for the Development of Indian Textile Industry where he covered all the schemes. Mhatre further gave a detailed talk on the possibilities of connecting on the various  proposals of textile and farming institutes being discussed during this platform with the  stake holders and presenting them to MHI for funding under appropriate Scheme.

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