IDFL opens lab & testing institute in Dhaka

IDFL opens lab & testing institute in Dhaka

Inviting current & potential clients to join in the lab tour & grand opening ceremony.

International Down and Feather Laboratory & Institute (IDFL), one of the world’s leading testing services companies – founded in 1978, has opened, recently, another global laboratory in Tejgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh. After over 40 years of down and feather testing, IDFL is a most experienced laboratory for testing down and feather used as fill materials in pillows, bedding, apparel and other products.

“Dhaka was the first choice for the new laboratory because the industry has a lot of big name clients that have created a global reputation for being well known in the global market for high quality products” said WilfLieber, CEO of IDFL.

“The industry is changing very fast and many companies are moving more technical garments to Bangladesh and it was a simple confident move to make a long-term investment” said James Moore, Asia Managing Director, “Many people want to prove that their product is the best and the market is very competitive because of the current prices.”

Isaac Hawlader, the new lab manager representative said, “Perfecting how to perform each of the tests and understanding each of the international standards has been a very intensive and exhaustive process. A laboratory is a very precise business that requires a lot of development of procedures in order to deliver precise and punctual data with integrity”

One of the most important services IDFL has been offering for over a year and throughout covid is Supply Chain Audits/Certification programs like TE, GOTS, OBP and many others. IDFL is very interested in getting to know clients and working with them to provide the fastest, most efficient and reliable services in the area. IDFL also provides assistance in authorizing specs, R&D work, Sample collections, and any other clients would you want to go through it all.

IDFL has lab and testing operations in Salt Lake City Utah – USA, Frauenfeld – Switzerland, Hangzhou – China, Taipei – Taiwan, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam, Istanbul – Turkey along with other Audit operations in over 45 countries. IDFL performs about 20,000 tests annually for retailer clients like IKEA, Adidas, and Columbia and various government departments for import and export and is a subcontractor for other third-party laboratories.

IDFL performs a variety of tests that have to do with filled products like outerwear and bedding like content/composition, species, thermal testing, cleanliness of filling material, fill power, down proof and poly migrations tests

IDFL has assisted in setting up many international labeling standards that have been used around the world and is one of the key analysts for the IDFB, International Down and Feather Bureau, that designs and regulates the accuracy of other down testing labs.

The Dhaka office is located at 242/B, Impetus Center (7th Floor), Tejgaon – Gulshan Link Road, Dhaka and already operating by a strong dynamic team to fulfill the industry needs. IDFL opens its doors to the current & potential clients during the open house which will be held on Thursday July 28 (THU), 30 (SAT), August 1 (MON), 3 (WED), 8 (MON), 10 (WED) and will have tours twice a day at 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm and welcomes to visit the lab and learn about the finer points of IDFL services and down and fabric product testing.

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