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India is set to grow again in textiles

May 01, 2016
India is set to grow again in textiles

Santex Rimar Group is one of the leading players in the market of machine manufacturers for the textile industry. The company started as different companies that evolved into Santex Rimar Group. CAVITEC and ISOTEX lead the technical and nonwoven textiles machinery market; SANTEX and SPEROTTO RIMAR produce machines for textile finishing; SOLWA provides eco-friendly machinery for water treatment, food dehydration, agribusiness sector and waste management.

Santex is at the forefront of technology for textile finishing of knitted fabrics such as cotton, blended cotton and viscose. Many of the most world famous fashion houses are relying on the know-how of Santex which was founded in Switzerland in 1982.

Gallucci Stefano, CEO, Santex Rimar Group, spoke on the company’s products and its response in the Indian market.

Santex Rimar Group has come a long way after some acquisitions and consolidation. How has this added to the strengths of the group?

As a technology partner for knitted, woven and nonwoven fabrics and green solutions the Group started as different companies that today have evolved into Santex Rimar Group: Cavitec and Isotex lead the technical and nonwoven textiles machinery market; Santex and Sperotto Rimar produce machines for textile finishing; Solwa provides eco-friendly machinery for water treatment, food dehydration, agribusiness sector and waste management.

During last year we have been able to achieve our ambitious objectives and we are well prepared to further growth. Furthermore we have partnered with customers in mid-term R&D projects, we have funded start-ups, signed partnerships with Universities and big players of the textile, chemical and electronics market. With more than 150 years of activity and such deep know-how we have the experience to be innovative yet offer reliability, lower cost of production and environment friendly technologies.

After ITMA, how has been the response to your new technologies and products?

During and after ITMA we have closed several good deals. The new products are having a good response from the market. Clients are reinvesting to increase productivity, add value to their production and set the bases to follow markets flexibility demand.

How long has Santex Rimar Group been in the Indian market?

We have a service centre based in Coimbatore since late 1990s but we are investing to strengthen the Group’s presence in the country. We believe there is a change and India is set to growth again in textile and in technical textile, but the needs of the Indian industry are different from those of other countries. This shall be Santex Rimar India main focus: be closer to our customers and join forces with them to grow.

From your experience, which are the particular segments/products that hold immense potential in the Indian market?

Classical textile for local markets will still hold their position. India must not lose the competition with other Asian countries and must become the protagonist of the new convergence between textile and high added value technical textiles. Applications such as furniture, transportation (automotive and such) and sportswear must be a priority for investments. Santex Rimar Group is the right partner, with a large base of successful installations and a rich R&D programme. We are looking forward to sharing our expertise and finding the best solutions for our customers.

Which are the other markets, particularly in Asia, where Santex Rimar Group has achieved success?

Historically China is a very good market. India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, several of the mid Asian countries are being very active and showing interest in reinvesting in technology to update their productions.

This industry can move up only through innovations. What are Santex Rimar Group experiences in the fields it represents? Share with us some of the activities of the R&D and also the various activities happening at your various production sites. Santex Rimar Group is based on continuous global growth, innovative product development and highest level of service available.

We have more than 10,000 customers all around the world to whom we offer dedicated solutions and services from 150 years, from plasma treatment to the sludge management. Every year we invest 4 per cent of annual global turnover in R&D and we keep believing in the future.

Santex Rimar ventures into weaving

Santex Rimar Group has firmly moved in the weaving machine sector for the textile industry with the official entrance among its companies of SMIT, one of the world leading manufacturers of weaving machines.v “SMIT technological know-how and committed human capital struggled by the past operational problems deserve to keep growing. We firmly believe in this restart: we have a solid plan involving our territorial district historically devoted to textile industry. We will start SMIT production in Trissino where Santex Rimar Group headquarters are based and supplying customers throughout the world,” said Ferdinando Businaro, Santex Rimar Group President.

SMIT has been a forerunner in the weaving textile machine sector since 1938 and has become a key player worldwide in supplying weaving machines for a large variety of applications: the technology characterising SMIT production includes weaving machines with rapier weft insertion for home textiles, garments and terry cloths; air-jet weft insertion machine for high production volumes and customized solutions for the production of special technical fabrics. Santex Rimar Group and SMIT share values such as quality, high levels of innovation, flexibility, versatility and commitment to fulfil customer’s expectations. The entrance in Santex Rimar Group is an essential element of the Group’s strategic development and will allow SMIT to use a vast sales and support network worldwide to open up new opportunities and to provide a higher level of know-how for customers. With more than 150 years of history Santex Rimar Group is present in various countries with four factories and more than 10,000 customers throughout the world and has the experience to be innovative yet offer reliability, lower cost of production and environment friendly technologies.

The achieved synergy between SMIT and Santex Rimar Group allows customers to rely on a global service network, high quality products, deep technological heritage and above all on an integrated technology provider for all production processes, from loom to finished – natural and technical – textiles.