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Cavitec’s high precision in coating and laminating

admin- April 2, 2024

The company introduces new technology achieving unmatched performance of activewear fabrics. Cavitec stands for high-end machines for coating, laminating, impregnation and is the first choice ... Read More

Santex Rimar’s eco attitude at ITMA 2023

admin- May 11, 2023

Santex Rimar Group proves its green ambitions with environmental-friendly machinery. Santex Rimar Group looks forward to ITMA 2023 in Milan, Italy what could be considered ... Read More

Breathable, soft, and stable…the finishing touch for textiles

admin- April 24, 2023

The launch in 1982 of Santashrink, the first relaxation dryer, laid the foundation for a remarkable success story. Today, Santex and Cavitec are world-renowned brands ... Read More

Santex Rimar Group floats Indian venture

admin- December 4, 2016

Santex Rimar Group is upbeat about India and to come closer to the Indian customers, the ambitious group has floated the Santex Rimar India on ... Read More

Santex´s machines for finishing of knitted fabrics

admin- December 1, 2016

Santex Rimar Group, which has more than 100 years of history and also more than 10,000 customers all around the world, is participating in the ... Read More

Santex Rimar Group focuses on market needs

admin- May 31, 2016

Santex Rimar Group is one of the leading machine manufacturers for weaving, textile finishing, nonwovens, technical textiles and green technologies for water treatment and drying ... Read More

India is set to grow again in textiles

admin- May 1, 2016

Santex Rimar Group is one of the leading players in the market of machine manufacturers for the textile industry. The company started as different companies ... Read More