India’s knitwear segment to see a phenomenal growth

India’s knitwear segment to see a phenomenal growth

In this interview, Abhay Sidham, CEO, Batliboi Textile Machinery Group, explores the potential of India's knitwear industry and how his company is supporting the growth of the knitting industry.

Mayer & Cie is a world leading supplier of circular knitting machines. In India, Batliboi has been representing Mayer & Cie since the 1980s and has a very strong leadership position in the knitting segment. In this conversation with The Indian Textile Journal (ITJ), Abhay Sidham, CEO, Batliboi Textile Machinery Group, explores the potential of India’s knitwear industry and how his company is supporting the growth of the knitting industry.

What are the advantages of products & solutions offered by Mayer & Cie to the knitting industry?

World leader Mayer & Cie offers entire range of circular knitting machines and cost effective, sustainable solution for the knitting industry. Mayer product portfolio includes over 50 machine types electronic and mechanical circular knitting machines for single and double jersey, from jacquard to interlock, serving knitters to produce entire range of fashion apparels, home textiles, active wear, innerwear, technical textiles, mattress ticking, shoe upper a complete range of modern textiles, etc.

Mayer & Cie machines being made in Europe assuring German quality and precision. MCT unique technical features resulting lowest cost per Kg, higher productivity, consistent quality & reliability.

What kinds of changes are you witnessing in the knitting industry? How is Mayer & Cie helping the textile industry to meet the requirements of these changes?
Indian knitting sector, which was predominantly a decentralised sector and MSME in nature, is now becoming an organised, fastest-growing sector adopting international standards and product diversification. Knitting industry is witnessing investments in vertical integration, capacity expansions and mega greenfield projects. Renewed investments are focusing on energy and process efficiency, automation, environment protection and a more sustainable manufacturing technology. Sustainability will be the key for textile manufacturing in coming years.

Mayer & Cie is helping to fulfil requirements with a portfolio of machines considered to be the largest in the industry. Highest productivity and efficiency with consistent quality output are major advantages of Mayer & Cie machines which have been proven worldwide. Less man power, space requirement and lowest electricity consumption of Mayer & Cie machines further reduce cost of production. All developmental activities will primarily focus on saving environment and reducing energy consumption, through trademark “Blue Competence” Mayer & Cie commits to Sustainability.

Other growing trend is use of recycled yarn i.e. regenerated fibre from used garments/textiles also from PET bottles. Recycled OE yarns with wide range of colours are available in different composition of blends, including: cotton, cotton and polyester, cotton and viscose, cotton poly and viscose, cotton poly and wool blends. Many customers are producing garments such as tees, hoodies, lowers, sweatshirts, terry towels, thermal wear, sweaters, and socks. It offers cost advantage as OE colour yarn cost is very competitive to that of standard raw material.

Other main advantage is sustainability. This contributes to the global effort by reducing carbon footprints, using fewer natural resources, consuming textile waste and to complete the loop in the textile value chain. Mayer & Cie Relanit technology can process OE yarns better than conventional technique.

How do you find the market for your knitting machinery and solutions in India? What is driving the demand for your knitting products in the country?
Considering highest young population in world, India is expected to grow in very big way in coming years. Due to sizeable domestic market and huge export opportunities phenomenal growth is expected in the knitwear segment. We are confident of massive opportunities for Indian knitting industry. With current geo political situation, supply chain disruption and uncertainties over investments in China, India is certain to regain its pole position in the world of textiles. Consequently, machines with modern technology, higher productivity and reliability will have excellent potential.

Some of the growth drivers are:

  • Pandemic has changed the world of fashion; “Casualisation” trend is driving knits demand
  • Demand for active wear/sportswear is growing due to rising health awareness
  • Supply chain re-jigs; World is looking to develop alternate supply sources
  • E-commerce (online retail market) is further driving comfort/casual wear market
  • Policy initiatives like Make In India, Production Linked Incentives (PLI) scheme, textile parks (MITRA), etc will give boost to textile industry


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