India is a key market for Biancalani Srl”

India is a key market for Biancalani Srl”

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Italy-based Biancalani Srl is one of the leading players in the global textile finishing machinery industry. Some of its products have become benchmarks in the industry. In this interview with Rakesh Rao, Rossano Biancalani, President, Biancalani Srl, elaborates on industry trends and the company’s plans for India.

What are the advantages of using the products and solutions offered by Biancalani Srl?

By choosing Biancalani, our customers know they are getting state-of-the-art textile technology combined with more than sixty years of experience and the know-how coming from 1500 machines and line installed worldwide.

Are you seeing a pick up in demand? Which region/countries are driving the demand at present?

Definitely. The pick-up in demand is relevant, and is mostly distributed among the countries which were first plagued by the pandemic and are now re-starting their production.

Being one of the leading players in the textile finishing machinery industry, what kinds of trends are you seeing in the textile finishing area?

Well, I would not rather go into details about special finishing techniques, which is a niche market we are indisputably leading. I would like instead to linger on the unstoppable trend of digital printing, because since when we introduced our new Aquaria continuous and open-width washing range, we drew a lot of interest among those who are looking for efficient and defect-free open-width washing after printing.

Quality is an important factor for any textile producer. How important is the role of textile finishing machines in enhancing the quality of the final product? 

Quality is a continuous process which relies on all peers and parts involved: textile finishing surely has a very important role in the quality of the final product, and the quality of the finishing process depends on the quality of the machinery as well as the quality of the know-how applied during the processes. Biancalani offers itself as a supplier of a wide range of textile solutions, with the attention to quality as common denominator.

How is Biancalani Srl helping textile companies to produce high-quality products?

Biancalani offers a complete range of solutions and machines, which have been designed with efficiency, productivity, and sustainability as their main characteristics.

Sustainability is a buzzword in the textile industry. How is your company helping textile companies in their sustainability path?

What today is definitely a buzzword, was still just a whisper when Biancalani decided to make sustainability one of their top priorities. As a family company, we always considered the long-term value of preserving the world in order to leave to our children something they can be proud of.

Could you please highlight some of the company’s recent innovations?

The most recent introduction is our AQUARIA® open-width washing range, which applies the concept of AIRO®24 to the “wet” domain, matching an intense and easily controlled mechanical action with very long dwelling times and efficient water management. We are working as well on new ideas, which will turn into textile solutions for the next ITMA 2023, in Milan.

How has been the growth of your company’s business in India so far?

Our company maintained a steady growth in the market in India over the past 10 years. During this time, the Indian market has become a key market for our turnover. This growth is due to some of our products (which have become benchmarks in some sectors such as home textile) and the introduction of new technologies (such as Aquaria®, our newest open-width washing range).

What kind of new opportunities are you looking to tap in India?
We are trying to exploit the new technologies we are introducing to make them new benchmarks in the Indian market, as has already happened with other products established in India (for example AIRO®24). In this way, we believe we can grow further in the Indian market.

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