Impressions of ITMA 2023

Impressions of ITMA 2023

Avinash Mayekar provides an update on several innovations and launches showcased at ITMA 2023.

Recovering from the impact of the pandemic, the global textile industry demonstrated remarkable resilience, capturing the world’s attention with its strong presence at ITMA 2023 in Milan. This highly anticipated exhibition served as a comprehensive showcase of cutting-edge technologies, brought to life by an impressive gathering of 1,709 exhibitors.

 Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW), India

Card LC636 SX      

  • Smart card LC636 SX with optional features CDS (Card With Drafting System) and Fix-Fil- Can changer arrangement
  • Ensures high efficiency and productivity up to 250 kg/hr with consistent quality
  • 1.5 meter working width and 36 working flats ensures quality derivable. Highly impressive active carding and cylinder area.
  • It’s unique design of various technological elements and energy efficient drives, the smart card delivers higher realisation up to 1 per cent with power saving up to 15 per cent
  • New patented 120 mm height flats to have constant cylinder & flat setting across the card width.
  • Optical sensors installed on four flats to sense the setting between cylinder and flats.

LRJ 90/SX compact ring frame for smart spinning

  • LR 90 series is the longest ring frame in the market with maximum spindles up to 2400 with higher mechanical spindle speed up to 30,000 rpm
  • Machine gives quality package with 30 per cent improvement in yarn imperfections and classimat H1 faults.
  • Saves power up to 8 per cent with energy efficient low decibel HLED spindles. With improvised pneumafil suction and compact suction overall power saving is 10 per cent including spindles
  • Frame occupies lowest footprint and saves up to 8 per cent space as spindle gauge is of 65 mm
  • Automation with Ring rail drive, new auto –doffer drive mechanism and suction with AWES


Ring Frame Auto Piecing (RAP)

  • Fully automated yarn piecing system for ring spinning machines, receives information on yarn break through YBS (Yarn Break Sensor) and travels to the particular spindle and automatically pieces the yarn instantly. Piecing cycle is 35 seconds
  • RAP ensures auto piecing hence reduces dependency on skilled manpower. Package quality remains un contaminated due to non- handling by the human while piecing

Rieter, Switzerland         

J 70 air -jet Spinning Machine

  • Delivery speed up to 600 meters/minute
  • Each spinning unit is individually automated and thus independent, enabling maximum efficiency & flexibility
  • VARIOlot enables to produce up to 4 lots at the same
  • Lower conversion cost due to low energy consumption
  • Quality monitoring with latest generation of Rieter yarn clearers Q 30A with larger measuring slot

J 70 air -jet Spinning Machine

Com4Recycling System

  • Production of Ring & Compact yarn from blends of recycled and raw cotton
  • Production of Ring and Compact yarns with almost 40 per cent of recycled fibres with high yarn quality
  • Presently recycled and raw cotton are still mostly processed on Rotor Spinning machines. The few ring yarns are available in coarse counts and with a recycled cotton content not more than 20 per cent. To produce fine yarns with higher proportion of mechanically recycled fibres is major challenge being faced by the industry.
  • Optimised their machines from blowroom to winding for processing of recycled cotton blends

Truetzschler,  Germany 

TC 30i Card

  • Achieves higher level of performance & quality with 35 per cent more active flats and 14 per cent extended carding length
  • Sophisticated waste suction makes to reuse more than 50 per cent of card waste. Or high- quality waste can be sold to third parties with attractive value
  • T-GO automatic gap optimiser for optimal carding gap settings which ensures increased productivity and quality

TC 30i Card

The TCO 21 XL Comber

  • TCO 21 XL with 12 heads maximise the productivity by 50 per cent and saves space by 25 per cent without compromising the sliver quality.
  • Operating 12 instead of 8 heads reduces energy consumption by 10 per cent per head, which minimizes conversion cost per kilogram
  • Online Noil Monitoring solves major challenges for combing and shows noil changes online

TCO 21 XL Comber

Truetzschler Card Clothing (TCC), Germany


  • Higher constant yarn qualities are possible. Quick & precise replacement of flat tops
  • No need for a flats workshop
  • One additional grinding interval = +10 per cent production
  • new flat top 45R combines highest quality with the necessary stability for recycling applications

Flat Tops Precisetop /Magnotop

Supertip ultra- long service life

  • Clothings with enormous durability, great variety and highest precision
  • Excellent yarn quality
  • Significant added value due to longer operation time

Stationary flats

  • NOVOFIX stationary flats are made of exclusively of special steel
  • Ensures en even gap between cylinder and stationary flats, allowing optimum opening of the raw material lumps, the reverse side is also precisely machined

MY Wires – Digital Clothing Management

  • A digital App to keep track of maintenance schedules for their clothings. Users can choose Truetzschler’s recommendations or their own to either grind the clothings or change it

Marzoli, Italy         

Roving Frame FTM320

  • The innovative roving frame with a central headstock and independent double side modules works simultaneously, to allow spinners to increase efficiency by up to 5 per cent

Roving Frame FTM320

The CMX state-of-the-art 10 combing head comber

  • Production capacity up to 115 Kg/hr
  • Productivity level 25 per cent higher than previous model
  • Energy saving of about 20 per cent KW/Kg

The MDS2 ring frame with Active Flute energy consumption reduction system

  • Capable to spin cotton, man-made fibre and blends up to 60 mm. Spindles up to 1824

Murata, Japan       

FLcone Link Coner

  • Commercial launching will be in next 24 months
  • High productive winding Machine’s concept is “non–stop” winding. Winder does not stop winding even during yarn breakage & splicing.

Process Coner AIcone

  • High productivity, energy saving and good package quality are the major features

Process Coner  AIcone


Fusion Twister

  • With electronic drive system, inverter, conveyer belt etc.
  • No need to change pulley, wheels.

Savio, Italy 

Proxima Smartconer

  • Stands for high-tech winding machine capable of perfectly adopting to demands of connectivity, Industry 4.0 and industrial internet of Things.
  • It gives an advantage for high productivity, low energy consumption, premium yarn quality, automation and data connectivity.
  • It enables to work faster and reduces manual and repetitive tasks, can increase both efficiencies and overall productivity.
  • It is faster, safer with better quality but with less waste, less maintenance and less resource usage.

Proxima Smartconer

Nestling Technologies

Contamination removal machine i-Scan

  • I-Scan has separate compartments for colour contamination, dull, non-glittering PP contaminants and glittering PP contaminants with an aim to compete global brands.
  • I Spin -Spindle Monitoring and roving stop motion for ring spinning.


Card Clothing – Spinning Carding

  • Maintenance free reel clothing with increased service life and low maintenance cost.
  • Developed fixed flats with new resistant aluminium profile and revolving tops are also available


HF S Series

High speed, silent spindle HF S 682

  • Maximum mechanical speed up to 30,000 rpm
  • Minimum wharve dia. : 18 mm for ES (Energy Saving) spindles, 18.5 mm for other spindles
  • Sphero point foot-step design
  • Two radial bearings for higher radial loads, Dual damping system
  • Double elastic bolster construction with grease between the two housings for additional damping
  • Suitable for yarn count Ne 30s & above
  • Very high speed spindle, very low energy consumption, very low noise, very low vibration

Premium ES spindles

  • Energy saving spindles are available with HF1/HF100 spindle bearing units with 18 mm wharve diameter are designed to reduce energy consumption significantly.
  • The well proven, strong, and sturdy design make the spindles suitable for both manual and auto doffing machines.
  • 10.32 per cent power saving with yarn count Ne 18
  • 4.29 per cent power saving with yarn count Ne 38
  • 8.6 per cent power saving with yarn count Ne 61

Premium ES spindles

Introduced Flexi Weighting Arms of PK S 3200 series

  • Addresses major issues attached with pneumatic drafting like saving sizeable recurring operations & maintenance cost as it do not require compressor, pressure hose, etc.
  • Suitable for short staple spinning offers maximum flexibility & can be retrofitted onto the existing arrangement of ring frames with existing drafting components.
  • Fits on the existing hexagonal tube of a pneumatic drafting system
  • Accommodates the existing top rollers, Easy height (pressure) setting
  • Consistent reliable loading through helical springs
  • Options of 5 different loads on each top roller
  • Easily replaceable weighting elements, adjustable front roller offset

Tsudakoma, Japan          

Zaxneo001 air-jet weaving machine

  • Special frame structure, direct gear drive for smooth start-up and advanced beating system.
  • Significant increase in working rpm & 30 per cent reduction in vibration than previous model with advance weaving performance.
  • Enhancing weft insertion performance with optimized nozzles, valves and control technology.
  • The combination with TAP creates significant reduction in air consumption and low pressure in high speed operations.
  • High speed weaving by positioning the first heald frame closer to the beating point and further energy saving.
  • In-house developed heald frame is highly robust and light and designed for ultra-high-speed operation.

Zaxneo001 air-jet weaving machine

Picanol, Belgium  

OminiPlus-I Connect Airjet Loom

  • The machine was running at highest speed of 1500 rpm on bottom weight even with 100 per cent recycled yarn.

Picanol series

O Leno

  • It is a big relief from changing E leno bobbins at every 4 days. No more moving of E leno assembly, regular consumable items.
  • leno is with bigger bobbin with 10 times longer running time. No more leno bobbin winder required nor you need extra person required for operating Leno Winder.

Ultimax rapier weaving machine

  • Ultimax 12-J-340 – for Flat Carpet
  • Ultimax 4-R-220 – for Denim
  • Ultimax 8-R-360 – for Voile
  • Ultimax Terry- 8-J-260 – for Terry towel

Laxmi Looms, India

LHR 450 high speed rapier loom

  • LHR 450 high speed rapier loom is a state-of-the art cam beat-up loom under “Make in India” campaign
  • Touch panel for easy access to operational parameters and with a vision integrating IOT 4.0 in the near future
  • LHR 450 is available in width from 180 cm to 340 cm with weft insertion rate of 1000 meters/minute with suitable servo take-up & let-off (up to beam flange dia. 1000 mm)
  • With stepper motor driven 8- colour presenter, with pick- finding device, independent leno motion
  • With energy efficient motor which make it sustainable for weaving light to heavy fabrics

LHR 450

ITEMA, Italy           

EVO Weaving Machines

  • Advanced solution for weft transfer to enhance versatility and machine performance
  • iSAVER range available in up to 6 colours and for many more fabrics apart from Denim
  • Innovative digital software like iKNOW which contains know-how collected on the field by ITEMA experts and MyWeave advanced mill monitoring system

 Rapier Weaving Machines

  • R95002, R95002 Denim, R95002 Terry, R90002 , HERCULES for Technical Textiles

Air Jet Weaving Machines

  • A95002, A95002 Bedsheeting

SMIT, Italy  

High speed weaving machine

  • SMIT brought weft weft tension control device 2SAVE that saves selvedge at both left & right side. Thus brings sustainability by reducing the waste. 2SAVE saves 50 mm & 80 mm of yarn at each pick.

Staubli, Switzerland        

Safir S60 – automatic drawing-in system

  • With Active Warp Control 2.0 (AWC 2.0) for setting standards in yarn recognition and management

Safir S60

Staubli Jacquards LX PRO, LXL PRO, LXXL PRO

  • Energy efficient PRO series in the production of flat, terry or OPW (one – Piece woven) fabric.
  • Available in formats ranging from 4,608 hooks (LX PRO) to 25,600 hooks ( LXXL PRO)


WarpMasterPlus – Automatic Drawing-in Machine

  • Reeds for the customers who produce fabrics in the range of high fineness (both wire and synthetic fabrics). Weaving reeds are used for production of fabrics used in technical filtration, membrane technology, solar cells or touch screens.


Toyota, Japan        

JAT 910 Air Jet Loom

JAT 910 Air Jet Loom

  • 20 per cent reduction in air consumption than previous model with 10 per cent reduced air pressure
  • New main motor & inverter achieves 10 per cent reduction in power consumption.
  • Use if i-SENSOR world’s first sensor that detects weft yarn insertion timing as the yarn is passing inside the warp yarn, enables the optimum air pressure and weft insertion requirements to be automatically calculated based on Toyota Industries’ proprietary algorithm, thereby supporting improved efficiency

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About the author:

Avinash Mayekar is the Managing Director of Suvin. He has over 35 years of experience working in consulting firms and various reputed textile companies of India. His main specialisation lies in strategy building, business process re-engineering and technical textiles. Working with a reputed global consulting firm, Mayekar has worked on large spinning projects in India and gained huge overseas experience.

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