Hohenstein partners Presize to ensure fewer returns and sustainability

Hohenstein partners Presize to ensure fewer returns and sustainability

By joining forces, Hohenstein, the specialist in clothing fit, and digital pioneer Presize now offer a variety of business services, ranging from creating reliable size tables to digital scaling.

The latter service empowers e-commerce sellers to automatically recommend appropriate garment sizes. Merging traditional size tables, garment fits you can rely on and digital body measurements with the capabilities of smartphone technology not only reduces the number of items bought online and then returned, but also improves sustainability and bolsters customer loyalty.

“The better you understand sizes, different fits and target groups, the more accurately you can automate the process of recommending the right size. We help brands ensure they comply with different size requirements, so the fit is comfortable across all kinds of ranges, collections and suppliers,” stated Simone Morlock, Head of the digital fitting lab at Hohenstein.

This advice is underpinned by digital measurement services and technology based on artificial intelligence. “All it takes to work out the right size, based on a user’s individual body measurements, are some quick questions regarding their age, height and weight, plus an optional video to take measurements. We use an algorithm that learns as it goes along, and this improves the advice given on sizes with each order or return,” stated Presize co-founder and CEO Leon Szeli.

Headquartered in Bönnigheim, Germany, Hohenstein has been providing accredited and independent services such as testing, certification, research and the development of textile products and training for 75 years. It currently employs around 1000 employees at subsidiaries and laboratories around the world. Product labels such as the Hohenstein Quality Label or the UV STANDARD 801 provide manufacturers and retailers with important support in their marketing. As a founding member of the OEKO-TEX label, Hohenstein is also one of its most important testing laboratories.

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