DART is an ideal printer for entry into digital printing

DART is an ideal printer for entry into digital printing

Stovec Industries Limited, a subsidiary of The Netherlands based SPGPrints B.V., is a pioneer and a key player in the market for textile printing industry, be it conventional rotary printing or digital printing.  Over the years, SPGPrints have been awarded over 300 patents and have built an international network in over 130+ countries. They continue to focus on innovation and abiding priority to protect the planet. SPG Prints is renowned as a leader in both traditional rotary printing and digital printing on a global scale. Shailesh Wani, Managing Director of Stovec Industries, explains to Rakesh Rao the company’s recent innovation and how it will be beneficial to the market entrants.

What new products are you offering, and what did you display at ITME 2022?

We have a very long history of working with ITME. It is an excellent platform for showcasing our technical prowess.  This time, we have exhibited our two significant advancements, our new solutions.  First, our newly launched entry level textile digital printer – DART. It is an ideal  digital printer for first-time entrepreneurs and also for the existing rotary printers who wish to migrate to digital printing. DART is also unique as it can be used as a sampling printer for Rotary. .. Additionally, we are introducing our latest innovation in rotary screen printing – a wider-width TEAK, an automatic rotary printer with universal repeat. .  Our SPGPrints technology makes sure that we deliver excellent print quality, smooth gradation, and unmatched colour brilliance

Can you elaborate more about TEAK.

This rotary printer, as I mentioned, has a greater width with the ability to print 2.45 metres wide and has ‘universal repeat’ feature which provides flexibility to print all repeats. The registration precision you get from this printer is unmatched, so whether you’re printing a geometric design, a halftone, or blotches, you’ll get the highest quality result.  It provides an incredibly high level of registration and accuracy.

TEAK is our best and most valuable product in our range. It is a fully automatic rotary printing machine. The other models come with either mechanical drive or semi-automatic Individual screen drive.

Is DART your first type of digital printer, or do you already have one in your inventory?

DART is our entry-level printer. We realized that customer wanted this solution and we developed this entry level printer. We already have digital printers with higher output and productivity such as JASMINE & MAGNOLIA. We also have sublimation printer ROSE.

What sustainable practises is your business  employing?

Our corporate claim, “Printing Tomorrow”, refers to the future of technology as well as the well-being of our planet. Doing business with SPGPrints means being assured of our every possible effort in terms of sustainability. At SPGPrints, saving water, energy and chemicals is a priority. We include the sustainability considerations right at the design stage which helps us in developing more sustainable products and solutions.  Our DART digital printer and Teak rotary printing machine  are two classic examples.

What expectations do you have for the sector and your business in 2023?

The current market situation faces headwinds as evident from the key macroeconomic trends such as inflation, soaring energy prices, continued effects of the coronavirus and the prolonged war in Ukraine. Having said that, I believe that in general textile industry has brighter prospect.

SPGPrints is doing good. We see several opportunities emerging at the market which shall benefit our group.  Innovation is key to capture these emerging opportunities and SPGPrints is committed to it.

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