Leading spinners are being invited to go ´back to school´ in a unique concept to promote high-level independent analysis of the problems facing the industry in the years to come. USTER® QUALITY UNIVERSITY offers a platform for discussion of the complex procedures involved in the profitable production of quality yarns

High-level forum on industry´s future challenges is widely appreciated by spinners.
Leading spinners are being invited to go ´back to school´ in a unique concept to promote high-level independent analysis of the problems facing the industry in the years to come. USTER® QUALITY UNIVERSITY offers a platform for discussion of the complex procedures involved in the profitable production of quality yarns.

When top spinning mill owners and directors come together with the leading manufacturer of quality testing and monitoring systems, expectations are bound to be high. And the three-day USTER® QUALITY UNIVERSITY events always live up to that prospect, with a carefully-planned programme of discussions designed to share expert knowledge on the major issues facing yarn producers.

´Sales talk´ is strictly off the agenda, so those expecting a series of product presentations from the USTER representatives are the only ones likely to be disappointed. USTER® QUALITY UNIVERSITY has maintained this policy since the inaugural event in China in May 2009, determined to deliver valuable practical information to assist participants in their future business operations.

The typical format involves about 25 invited guests ´ owners and top managements from the host country´s foremost spinning mills. They are joined by selected specialists from major downstream customers, as well as USTER experts ´ a unique alliance of knowledge focused on the textile industry´s challenges.

Key topics are covered in detail, via presentations, workshops and discussions. Participants gain valuable knowledge based on real experiences: for example, a mill which saves $20,000 in a single year simply by reducing its average level of yarn clearer cuts by one in a 6,00,000-spindle mill. That´s the kind of information which is sure to impress. The use of the word ´University´ in the event title is also pertinent, as the learning process will remind many participants of their own higher education studies in previous years.

Shared knowledge brings valuable insights
Attendees at USTER® QUALITY UNIVERSITY will each benefit in different ways, but one factor is always common to everyone: an appreciation of the amazing collective know-how within the group, and the deep insights gained by sharing it. Outside the university sessions, almost all the participants will be competitors in their business activities. Yet they will also be aware that all of them, mill owners and directors, face similar problems, which the mutual education process can only help to solve.

´The value for our customers is that they become aware about the important issues and curious on their implications. When focusing on managing a spinning mill with quality in mind ´ which is not strictly about quality or only about productivity ´ we share best practices on how to do it sustainably and with consistency. The pragmatic approach to discuss challenges together has been proved correct as well as providing an open platform ´ something the participants haven´t enjoyed since their own university days,´ sais Thomas Nasiou, CEO of Uster Technologies.

Inspiring the industry´s future leaders
A deliberate objective of USTER® QUALITY UNIVERSITY is to attract younger participants from the top management of spinning mills, the ones who will shape the future of the industry. This was evident at the recent edition of the university, held in Goa, India, in February 2016. This was attended by 25 mostly new mill directors and promoters from all over the country. The theme was ´Roadmap to the Future of the Spinning Industry in India´ designed to inspire the next generation of industry leaders, by setting out performance, quality and economic recommendations. A series of workshops and presentations focused on how to work within the heritage of India´s historic textile sector and adapt to the demand of modern global competitiveness.

The USTER® QUALITY UNIVERSITY concept is widely praised in feedback from spinners and most are eager to return for future sessions. This aspect was demonstrated recently at the first USTER® QUALITY UNIVERSITY to be arranged specifically for alumni ´ those who attended earlier editions. There was a high demand for places at this event, held in Suzhou, China in March 2016. Nasiou emphasised in his opening speech that USTER always appreciates close cooperation with the spinning mills: ´We will continue to listen and take every chance to learn about issues and needs in order to provide practical help and guidance to yarn producers and to create value as a company,´ he said.

USTER power attracts the big names
The USTER® QUALITY UNIVERSITY is now well-established in both China and India. In future, USTER would like to open this platform to more spinners and will consider requests from other markets, to provide additional opportunities to discuss the future of their home textile industry.

´We are proud that USTER is respected as a neutral, trusted and knowledgeable partner by the spinners, and by some of the biggest global names among the downstream customers for textiles. The fact that these groups are ready and willing to take part in USTER® QUALITY UNIVERSITY is confirmation of its value as an independent source of vital intelligence for spinning mills and of the power of USTER in bringing this concept to fruition,? says Nasiou.

The Uster Group is the leading high-technology instrument manufacturer of products for quality measurement and certification for the textile industry.

The Group provides testing and monitoring instruments, systems and services that allow optimization of quality through each individual stage of textile production. This includes raw textile fibers, such as cotton or wool, all staple fiber and filament yarns, as well as downstream services to the final finished fabric. The Uster Group provides benchmarks that are a basis for the trading of textile products at assured levels of quality across global markets.

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