Back by popular demand…

Back by popular demand…

New version of ground-breaking stenter combines top performance with customer value

Santex leads the way in the finishing of knitted fabrics of cotton, blends and viscose. With a combination of low energy use and top performance, its specialized technology delivers the triple benefits of low residual shrinkage, excellent surface luster and soft handle. Now, the Santex high-performance stenter is set for a return to popularity – in a new version offering high-quality processing and rapid payback on investment.

Several big-name fashion houses have depended on Santex know-how since the company’s foundation in Switzerland in 1982. The story began in response to the demands of householders, at a time when tumble dryers were becoming essential equipment in the modern home. Unfortunately, they soon found a problem: knitted items were shrinking quite dramatically in the heat of the tumbling process. That’s where Santex came in, with a solution to control residual shrinkage during finishing of the knitgoods.

Swiss attributes
Santex has always stood by the traditional Swiss attributes of innovation and precision, and its machinery ranges today support that with specialized machines for finishing open-width and tubular knitted fabrics. Added to that are energy-saving options which benefit customers through sustainable production and low CO2 values.

Typifying those values is the SANTAFRAME – a stenter originally launched in the late 1990s, offering unmatched performance and ground-breaking technology. Using a novel air-flow technique, it conveyed the fabric on a cushion of air, giving a softer handle and better shrinkage values. Customers were immediately impressed with these, and other advantages, in heat-setting and drying.

Despite the acclaim, SANTAFRAME eventually struggled to compete in a market that was becoming increasingly price-driven.

SANTAFRAME: Back and better
Within the finishing community, there remained widespread appreciation of the unique qualities of the original SANTAFRAME. This sparked a passion in the developers to create a new product, with all the most popular qualities of the original, allied to the changing needs of modern customers.

Today, the new SANTAFRAME brings ingenious solutions for heated air distribution and exhaust. Its heating element is uniquely positioned, after the circulating air turbine (on the pressure side), in a sealed chamber above the fabric track. This arrangement avoids the risk of condensation dropping onto the fabric. Improved loading of the circulating and exhaust air with water results in less exhaust air than conventional stenter frames.

Positioning the heating on the pressure side also significantly increases evaporation – with unchanged energy consumption – thanks to the higher air speed and the specially-designed nozzles.

Further highlights of the new SANTAFRAME include a built-in exhaust ducting device, an emergency standstill system and the choice of heating devices. Of course, the renowned AERO-SURF Nozzle System is still a key element, promoting softest handle, excellent shrinkage and even heat-setting.

Along with high performance and precision, SANTAFRAME now gives unrivalled customer value and fast investment payback. Savings in both time and cost start right away: installation is much quicker, as each machine is pre-assembled, erected, wired and tested in the Santex plant before delivery. Drying sections are shipped as fully-mounted units and the PLC programming unit is ready to go.

Leading group, global network
Santex is a core brand for textile finishing machines. It is part of Santex Rimar Group, a leading player in global textile machinery markets for weaving, textile finishing, technical textiles and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes.

Santex Rimar Group has a worldwide presence through network of nearly 200 agents, as well as experienced local service teams for all brands. Headquartered in Italy, the group maintains subsidiaries in Switzerland, China and India.

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