Antimicrobial finishes attract textile chemical makers

Antimicrobial finishes attract textile chemical makers

Chemicals are important for fabricating textile materials for a variety of uses from pre-treatment textiles to finishing. But due to the pandemic, it is observed that there has been a shift in the demand.



(Image Source: Press release of “Techtextil”)

pre-treatment of textiles to the finishing, chemicals are vital for fabricating
textile materials for a vast variety of uses. Home furnishing and apparel
textiles in particular, have been key contributors to demand for textile
chemicals in India over the years. However, since the past few quarters there
has been a dynamic shift in demand for textile chemicals due to the pandemic.

“The demand for
apparel and home furnishing industry have been hard hit as consumers are buying
less of these items. On the contrary there has been a vertical rise in the
demand for oil & water repellents and anti-viral coatings for producing PPE
kits, face masks and for various medical textiles.” shared Dr Sanket Valia,
Senior General Manager Business Development, Sarex Chemicals Ltd.

attention towards health, safety and hygiene has brought a serious limelight on
antimicrobial finishes. Much recently, Sarex has developed two antimicrobial
agents, Saraguard-5700 and Saraguard-FL, which are applied on functional
clothing like PPE kits as well as commonly used products such as surgical
fabrics, drapes, bed linens in order to provide durability and protection from
pathogens, viruses and bacteria.

Going forward,
the treatment of antimicrobial finishes on other textile products including
industrial, home textile and apparels will be instrumental in reducing the risk
of infection and cross-contamination as we go about our daily lives. Apart from
providing protection against contaminants, textiles treated with antimicrobial
ingredients are also known to increase the shelf life of products by preventing
bacterial colonization, thus further augmenting their significance.

the application of textile chemicals have continued to evolve and expand into
different textile sectors. The recent development in antimicrobials have played
a key part in augmenting the durability of textiles and providing stronger
protection against contaminants. The future of textile chemical segment looks
promising and through the platform of Techtexil India, Messe Frankfurt India
will aid industry players to explore new business opportunities and further
expand their potential,” said Raj Manek, Executive Director & Board
Member, Messe Frankfurt Asia Holdings Ltd.

Techtexil India,
as a one-stop exhibition for technical textiles will continue to host
businesses across its various application areas including med-tech, agri-tech,
geo-tech, sports-tech, infra-tech, and home-tech. With the first hybrid edition
of Techtextil India slated on November 25-27, 2021, Messe Frankfurt India will
aim at reuniting technical textile players to explore new opportunities and
grow together as a unified segment.

Source – Press release of “Techtextil”

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