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Lok Kavach Healthcare invents Anti-Viral Coating

Jun 16, 2021
Lok Kavach Healthcare invents Anti-Viral Coating

New Delhi

Lok Kavach Healthcare has developed an anti-viral coating technology that offers protection from all harmful microbial activities, including coronavirus. The Anti-Viral Coating (AVC) technology offers protection from all harmful microbial activities, including coronavirus. Turiya Investments, a New Delhi-based investment consultancy, will be launching the product.

Anti-Viral Coating or AVC utilises a unique concept that uses Macromolecular Ion Anchor Technology (MIAT). This technology is free of metal ion toxicity and offers multiple purpose disinfectant utilities.

AVC technology will be given to consumers in liquid form and they can use it to soak their clothes and make them resistant to coronavirus till the next wash. The manufacturers have claimed that their product works with efficacy of 99.995% and will stay on the surface for weeks if the material is not exposed to more AVC in the interim.

This product underwent multiple effectiveness tests in European and Indian labs. Along with cloth, the versatile antimicrobial solution can be applied to several surfaces such as wood, tiles, cement and plastic to keep it safe against microbes.

Dr JR Rao, Biochemical Microbiology Scientist, Environmental and Public Health Microbiological Sciences, at the Department of Agriculture, UK, who led a team of scientists and inventors to create the AVC, explained that the Quaternary Ammonium Compounds in the AVC solution permanently attaches to textile substrates when sprayed or used in washing cycles.

Luke Talwar, CEO, Turiya Investments, and an investor and strategic partner in this venture, said that huge amounts of R&D investment were done to create a technology of this standard. He added that it was safe for human use and just a cap full of the liquid was sufficient to sanitise a surface against microbial activity for weeks.

Source – India Today

Image Source: Lok Kavach Healthcare Website 

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