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Donear introduces anti-viral fabrics

Jun 14, 2021
Donear introduces anti-viral fabrics


Donear Group Companies has become the first textile company, in India, to introduce a revolutionary anti-viral fabric, under the brand GRADO. With reference to the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, Rajendra Agarwal, Managing Director, Donear Group said that, the current situation is challenging, but the country can combat it by setting up infrastructure, aid from different countries and the procurement and roll out of vaccination for 18+ population.
He added that they are expecting the demand to rise in the retail market with the upcoming festive and wedding season underway. Currently, they are focusing on doing their bit to help the economy by working on optimum production (including NEOTECH anti-viral fabrics), supplying to businesses / brands and the export market and feel that there will be a bounce back in the foreseeable future and are optimistic about it.

He also said that, there is an increasing need for brands to be sustainable. Donear has an effluent water treatment plant in the Amritsar factory premises and headquarters in Mumbai has been constructed based on Sustainable Development Guidelines and ensuring the best use of space and energy with the lowest energy impact. The company’s overall carbon footprint from all the factories is minimal.

Donear Industries Limited is well-recognized in India and outside as one of the best-quality product makers and innovators, and has been in the business for 40+ years. It has production capacity of around 55 lakh meters per month with latest technologies and machinery at Surat. Donear has a strong presence in 30+ countries globally. The different textile brands under its portfolio include Donear, GBTL (formerly GRASIM Suitings), Graviera, OCM, D’Cot & Donear NXG, etc.

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