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Ascend to expand its production capacity for HiDura

Jun 12, 2021
Ascend to expand its production capacity for HiDura


A new capacity line has been launched by Ascend Performance Materials to meet the growing demand by the customers. The company has expanded HiDura long-chain polyamides production capacity in Greenwood. Ascend’s HiDura PA610 and 612 products were launched in late 2020 and are used in a variety of applications like renewable energy, industrial use, consumer goods, automotive use, and electric vehicle applications.

According to Kaan Gunes, Business Manager, HiDura at Ascend, in the harshest conditions, HiDura resins give god performance due to UV weather-ability, hydrolysis resistance, and Exceptional ductility. He also illustrated the durability and versatility of HiDura by citing applications in battery seals, brush bristles, and solar photovoltaic supports. He told that each of these parts face extreme conditions. He also said that the grades developed by the company are designed to improve the reliability of the consumers’ products.

The company has used its expensive polymerization knowledge so that it can expand its capacity at its Greenwood facility it is the largest producer of polyamide 66 resin. As per Michael Walters, Senior Site Director, Ascend, Greenwood, the company has been polymerizing PA66 in Greenwood for many years. He also said that the people at the site are fully trained to produce high-quality materials safely and they were excited to see the success of HiDura. The company continues to develop HiDura grades to meet the growing needs.

 Source – Press Release of "Ascend"

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