168 first-time exhibitors line up for GTTES 2019

168 first-time exhibitors line up for GTTES 2019

India ITME Society has hit the right chord with the needs of the textile industry through GTTES 2019, an exclusive show to capture the world’s attention on strengths and opportunities of global textile industry, with special focus on industry segments.

Seema Srivastava

India ITME Society has hit the right chord with the needs of the textile industry through GTTES 2019, an exclusive show to capture the world’s attention on strengths and opportunities of global textile industry, with special focus on industry segments. GTTES 2019 aims to provide a platform to congregate the leading strategists, experts, innovators and management developers from European, American and Asia-Pacific area. The domestic industries will be expected to be able to upgrade the competition of industry capital and further connect with the global business.

Seema Srivastava, Executive Director of India ITME Society, in an exclusive interview spoke to Samuel Joseph, Editor of the ITJ about the forthcoming event and all the preparations the society launched to make it even bigger than the previous edition.

Excerpts: What are the differentiator features for this GTTES 2019 compared to the previous edition & What is the final tally of exhibitors and the space area booking? Any special note-worthy changes that have happened in this areas?

This is the second edition GTTES and the first edition was in the year 2015. I am pleased to share with you that GTTES events has grown in size and numbers and have achieved 26 per cent growth rate. GTTES 2019 has attracted about 168 companies as first-time participants who have never participated in any ITME events. This is a remarkable response to the second edition GTTES, indicating that this event has achieved its place as a reliable international business platform for both domestic and overseas companies. It is very attractive for start-ups and small, medium companies from non-metro cities due to its low cost participation charges and focused exhibit chapters.

Another interesting factor is that nearby countries like Sri Lanka is participating and looking at GTTES as a opportunity to reach out to global markets and customers.

Apart from this, GTTES 2019 shall see presence and support of all export promotion councils which again shall help industry to know more about export opportunity and various Government subsidiaries and market initiative schemes available for Indian exporters.

Please give some details of the road-shows done, and tell us what difference they should make this time? What are the expectations from foreign visitors? Were there special campaigns done for specific countries. Some details please.

India ITME Society always takes extra efforts in promoting business for its exhibitors through all media.

The Society not only promotes the event but also promotes each exhibitors and its products in order to develop customer interact and better connect.

The roadshows are very important part of visibility and one-to-one connect with textile hubs in various parts of the countries as well as globally. Every major hub in our country has been tapped by the Society. A total of 17 promotional activities has been conducted over the last six months in India and overseas. Visitor registration is much higher than the first edition GTTES and the number of countries sending the business delegates to attend the event has also increased. We are very pleased to share with you that apart from the regular business delegates we have first time delegates from Chile, Abu Dhabi, Sudan, Ghana and Ethiopia, Brazil, Nepal and Morocco.

How was the response from foreign exhibitors?

The distribution of domestic and foreign exhibitor is 60:40 and GTTES being the first international event for the year 2019 has received tremendous response from both domestic and foreign exhibitors. Even with a slow economic condition, India is of good opportunity for textile engineering industry and GTTES has provided them an opportunity at the right time and right place which shall act as a catalyst for generating new customer leads for the rest of the year.

What are the concurrent events planned and give us some details?

India ITME Society takes care to address the most trending topics as well as the topics which needs attention. As such, in this second edition of GTTES, we have focused on technical textiles and dyes and colours for textiles for the textile industry. We have partnered with the Society of Dyes & Colourists (SDC) and the Indian Technical Textiles Association (ITTA) for delivering high quality and informative seminar on both the above topics.

On January 19, 2019, we have conference on “Technology and Machinery Innovations for Technical Textiles” by Indian Technical Textiles Association”(ITTA) and on January 20, 2019, conference on “Educating the Technology Innovations in Textile Colouration” by Society of Dyers & Colourists, shall be held concurrent to this exhibition.

Apart from the above two conferences on January 18, 2019, we have industry interactive session with Bureau of India Standards (BIS) to enable the Government to have wider and fruitful interaction with the industry from all regions of our country to discuss and thus develop industry friendly policy for manufacturing standardize.

Surina Rajan, IAS, Director General, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Government of India, will be attending this programme on January 18, 2019 along with a BIS team.

The main points of discussion will include the following:

  • Overview of standardisation work done by BIS in the field of textile machinery and accessories
  • Issues related to noise emissions and safety aspects of textile machinery and adoption of related ISO standards
  • Inputs required for identified new subjects such as Embroidery Machines and Baby diaper making machines
  • Poor participation of industry in the national standardisation process
  • Dormant ISO Committee on Textile Machinery (ISO/TC 72) and poor participation at international level

All the industry members are welcome to register at our site to fix their B2B meetings and BIS meeting.

What are the facilities for Indian visitors, and other special infrastructural set-ups to make GTTES visit an easy and pleasurable, but business-induced activity?

One of the key points which GTTES is trying to bring to the table for all the exhibitors and visitors is the close interaction with the Govt. officials, Export Promotion Councils, which includes EEPC, PDEXCIL, AEPC, SRTEPC, TEXPROCIL, FIEO, CEPC, WEPC, etc. in order to gain information and develop new opportunities for exports from India. Besides this, we are also connecting the exhibitors with many new markets which has never looked at India as sourcing opportunity. Both for Indian manufactures and foreign exhibitors this new and developing markets shall bring future opportunity for business and expand their customer networking in an unprecedented way.

GTTES is an event which every big, small companies in textiles and textile engineering should visit as it is the largest and key business event for the year 2019 heralding a new business year with new optimism, new opportunities and new prospects for the industry.

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