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Super Elf X3 weft feeders for airjets & waterjets

May 01, 2015
Super Elf X3 weft feeders for airjets & waterjets

The Super Elf X3 is the culmination of years of experience in air-jet and water-jet weft feeders, ensuring the highest performance, versatility and reliability. The Super Elf X3 is based on a proven platform, produced annually in 25.000 units.


  • New and innovative, barrier principle, optical sensor system for excellent sensing of any yarn at all speeds
  • Stable reading of yarn storage in dirty and dusty environments; the air-cleaning system is no longer required
  • Reliable reading of very fine yarns, as fine as 7 den
  • Storage sensor to grant the optimal feeding conditions also with black yarn
  • Sensor-less permanent magnet motor (PM M) ensuring full torque at all speeds, with a low working temperature, better acceleration performance and low energy consumption
  • Compact sensor I stopper-magnet housing to reduce friction with heavy yarns
  • User-friendly design for the quick adjustment of the spool-body diameter for greater versatility
  • A single PCS comprising the motor control system, sensors and end of insertion brake for greater reliability
  • IP 65 sealing protection for use in all weaving environments
  • Completely sealed push buttons using ?hall-effect? for reliability

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