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Staubli’s extensive range at Dhaka exhibition

admin- April 1, 2017

The large product portfolio includes solutions for frame weaving with air-jet, water-jet, rapier and projectile weaving machines.Passion, inherited from the long industrial experience, is one ... Read More

Super Elf X3 weft feeders for airjets & waterjets

admin- May 1, 2015

The Super Elf X3 is the culmination of years of experience in air-jet and water-jet weft feeders, ensuring the highest performance, versatility and reliability. The ... Read More

Art of weaving: The inevitable paradigm shift

admin- October 1, 2014

The practice of weaving traces back to the Neolithic period and even before the actual process of weaving was discovered, the fundamental principle of weaving ... Read More

Machinery import soars as local high-tech R&D front limps

admin- October 1, 2014

Good news: Textile machinery production has gone up by 15 per cent in 2013-14 out of which spinning machinery´s contribution is over 50 per cent. ... Read More