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Computerised sectional warping machine from Bobbiler

Mar 01, 2016
Computerised sectional warping machine from Bobbiler

Established in 2010, Bobbiler Tex Machinery India is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of wide range of textile machinery. Bobbiler was the first in India to launch high speed sectional warping machine with latest technology. Softronic is Bobbiler’s computerised sectional warping machine. Softronic is India’s first computerised sectional warping machine with latest technology suitable for all types of yarn.

Features of Softronic

Warping table: Crossing and warping combs are placed in a way that the thread run from the creel to the drum is as straight as possible, without unnecessary elbows not angles. The warping comb can be placed very near to the drum, which causes a very exact conduction of the section width. When thickness of rolled yarn increases on the drum, the comb back up automatically and simultaneously with the advance and according to the inclination angle of the cone, so that the distance between comb and drum is kept constant from the beginning to the end of the section.

Display: All indication pilots placed in display box and in a semaphore visible from anywhere indicate the reason of drum stop. Thread breaking end of metres of length or any type of failure notice like software, hardware and electrical.

Disc brakes: A hydraulic disc brake of special conception which absorbs the possible irregularities of brake drum makes, at the same time, quick and exact braking of warping drum and the obtaining of a regular tension. Beam tension: Special design developed by Bobbiler to produce perfect weaver beam to get optimum efficiency for automatic looms. Pressure relief valve are separate for warping and beaming to get required beam tension control increase and decrease by manually of the yarn sheet during beaming.

Leasing device: With this device, yarn layers do not accumulate anywhere, but they pass through the crossing comb and the guide thread comb, in open state, directly to the drum. So the tangle of threads among themselves is avoided.

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