Vipul Organics receives the OEKO-TEX certification for textile industry

Vipul Organics receives the OEKO-TEX certification for textile industry

Becomes one of the few Global Pigments Companies to receive the ECO PASSPORT, the certification covers Vipul Organics’ pigment products


Vipul Organics announced that they have successfully received the OEKO-TEX certification for their pigment products under the brand name SunPrint for the textile industry.

Vipul Organics joins a handful of companies globally in the pigments sector, to have received the ECO PASSPORT.  “We are happy that our pigment products are now certified to be environmentally friendly. This human-ecological perspective is something that Vipul Organics has always focused on and now our clients can see the transparent proof of that with the ECO PASSPORT’, says Mihir V Shah, Executive Director, Vipul Organics. “The testing and certification process on which this certificate is issued guarantees maximum consumer safety. The certification will also help us broaden our client base and target multinational companies that focus on safety and sustainability”, he adds.

The ECO PASSPORT by OEKO TEX is a definitive independent certification system that is specially designed for manufacturers of process chemicals and chemical compounds. The ECO PASSPORT certifies the safety and sustainability of the entire value chain of manufacturing textiles. During a multistep process, OEKO-TEX analyses whether each individual ingredient in the chemical product meets the statutory requirements and that it is not harmful to human health. Both brands and manufacturers value the ECO PASSPORT as credible proof of sustainable textile and leather production. Once per year, OEKO-TEX updates the banned substances and limit values and expands them to include new scientific findings or statutory requirements.

The company believes in offering the highest level of safety to its customers and today, its new factory at Tarapur is Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) unit. This involves a significant commitment of resources and Vipul Organics is focused on creating an environmentally friendly product line. With this credential, the business now has a significant advantage and opportunity to work with Global multinationals which require this certification from all its vendors.

Today, Vipul Organics is amongst the foremost manufacturers of Pigments, Dyestuff, Lake Colours and Pigment Intermediaries / Fast Salts in the country. It has 6 manufacturing facilities spread across Maharashtra and has a global footprint in over 50 countries. Vipul Organics ended the financial year 2020-21 with revenues of Rs.120 crore, marking a robust 28 per cent plus growth over the previous financial year.

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