Turkish market is mature in terms of investment in quality machines

Turkish market is mature in terms of investment in quality machines

Kusters Calico Machinery Pvt Ltd manufactures and installs the most affordable and excellent machines to the textile processing industry.


Kusters Calico Machinery Pvt Ltd manufactures and installs the most affordable and excellent machines to the textile processing industry. During the last 14 years, the company has supplied several state-of-the-art machines to reputed textile mills in India such as Arvind Mills, Premier Mills, NSL Textiles, Dinesh Mills, Lovely Fabrics, S. Kumar’s, Bombay Dyeing, Raymond Ltd, to name a few. Apart from Turkey, the company has exported machines to China, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other countries.

Sushil Verma, Managing Director, Kusters Calico Machinery Pvt Ltd, speaks on the scope of tie-up with Turkey for the future.


How long has your company been selling machines/accessories to Turkey? The story till today.
We have our strong presence in Turkish market since the last seven years, and we are proud to inform through your platform that most of the premium customers in Turkey are having our machines. And we always get repeat orders from them which itself states performance and acceptance of our products.

What are the major products that you have been exporting to Turkey?
Turkish companies are producing various textile products and to name one product would not be the justified evaluation. Most of the textile producing companies are located in Chorlu, Bursa, Denizli and Adana and all the customers in above locations are producing different textile products.

Textile is a fashion-oriented industry and fashion changes very fast. Accordingly our customer asks for the customised requirements. We have been successful by providing solution for their customised requirements by transforming customer’s ideas into reality. This has been our challenge and successful mantra of business.

How do you see the scope of the tie-up with Turkey for the future?
We see ample opportunity, being on cross road of Europe and Asia, geographically Turkey possess advantage. Educated and efficient work force of Turkey add essence on over all performance of business.

We have been supported well by our business associates in Turkey and jointly with our sister company Jagenberg Textile, Germany and Kusters Calico, India enjoys good market share.

What are your other export markets? A brief account of them.
About 75 per cent of our turnover is coming from exports, we see ample growth opportunities from countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Iran. We have supplied our machines in past and we see very quantum leap of requirement of our product from these countries.

In the past all these countries were importing textile machines from Europe but now there is no more growth of textile industry in Europe and most of the growth is coming from countries like India, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc… Hence it is important for Kusters Calico to take advantage of this opportunity by creating trust, solid reliable products and better after sales services.

As I said, we have been successful by adhering to our commitment of product performance and providing best after sales services to our customers.

Can you make a brief comparison of the Turkish and Indian market, and also suggest measures for the industry and the Government to improve its hold in this market for the export of textile-related machinery & goods?
Turkish market is matured in terms of investment in quality machines, better processes, textile research, upgrading technology, cleanliness of shop floors and also maintaining the machines to highest level of performance, which is somehow missing in India and Indian customers need to take action on above points to match international quality expectations. Adherence to pollution control norms is very high in Turkey as compared to India, awareness on this front is growing in India and government is also implementing strict pollution control norms.

Custom clearance is not very efficient in Turkey and many parts gets stuck due to very lengthy process. Another issue is to get timely visas for travel for the service engineers which is frequently required but takes very long time and issued for 1 to 2 months only.