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Maini Materials´ drive towards sustainability

Nov 01, 2014
Maini Materials´ drive towards sustainability

Sustainability has now become just as important as any other field of business. Airports can no longer keep sustainability off their main agenda and need to adapt to real time sustainable measures. Attempts to reduce aviation carbon emissions have been talked about for long. However, non-air borne emissions such as those generated by ground operations make up for relatively large part of total aviation related emissions.

Ground handling agencies selected by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) have been asked to use battery operated vehicles, replacing diesel run tractors and buses.

Airports realised that there are plethora of benefits on practicing sustainable measures and going green. These include low carbon footprint, noiseless operations, increased productivity, resource efficiency, decreased waste, environmental norms compliance among a host of others.

Comparing well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs for a selection of common conventional and electric drive vehicles:

Indigenous efforts by domestic industry
In Bangalore, Maini Materials Movement Pvt Ltd, the fore-runners in eco-friendly MHE & passenger movement solutions, has recognised the above requirement and designed products for the aerospace sector. The company offers eco-friendly electric platforms for various airport support vehicles like tow tugs, customised requirements for military and commercial aviation operations, etc.

The electric platforms not only reduce the carbon-footprints but also bring in associated advantage of reducing back end administration. These specially designed indigenous platforms will fit into the military aviation applications also. Many IAF & Indian Naval airbases have started using electric platforms for their operational and maintenance support. However, the Ministry of Defence must also provide proactive policies as enablers to bring in this vital change.

The way forward: Green ground handling
Switching over to electric solutions for ground handling holds immense scope for improvement in conserving energy, fuel & reducing CO2 emissions. Electrification of ground support equipment and vehicles inside airports has been recognised as solution for greener & cleaner airports. Green initiatives not only create a sustainable airport on environmental aspects, but also on economic aspects.

Electric ground handling solutions optimally prepare airports & airlines for an economically successful and green future. These include electric luggage trolleys for passenger terminals, electric buggies for passenger and crew movement, electric buggies for medical emergencies, electric material handling equipment for cargo terminals, electric baggage tugs for apron area, electric buggies for surveillance and fire safety, and electric material handling equipment for MRO bays.

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Vehicle Greenhouse gas emissions (kg of CO2 equivalent)

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