Textile industry to pave the way for Atmanirbhar Bharat

Textile industry to pave the way for Atmanirbhar Bharat

Textile industry formed a sizeable chunk of the Indian economy, long before the advent of the Europeans in India. The industry will play a crucial role in paving the way for India to become Atmanirbhar, says Vinod Kumar Gupta.

The Indian textile industry is one of the oldest industries, dating back to several centuries. The industry remains extremely varied, with hand spun and hand-woven textiles on one hand and sophisticated, capital-intensive machinery on the other. It contributes to 4% of the Indian GDP and a significant percentage of export earnings. Given its immense potential, the textile industry also acts as a source of employment to thousands across the length and breadth of India.

Despite its large scope, the industry remains plagued with challenges of like unorganised workforce, manual labour, infrastructural bottlenecks, stringent environmental protocols and uneven regional development. In order to address these challenges and make India self-reliant through efficient import substitution and infrastructural development, the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign is set upon the idea of making India self-reliant. It is a vision of our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to tap India’s vast capacity and replace imports with indigenously produced goods. It acts as a ‘Make in India’ reinforcement and remains true to the saying ‘necessity is the mother of innovation’, helping India realize and nurture its potential.


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