Temco launches new generation separator roller

Temco launches new generation separator roller

Efficiency, stability and high quality are decisive factors in the production of filament yarns and synthetic fibers like polyester, polyacryl, nylon and glass fibers. The secret to success lies in choosing the right components. The latest generation rollers, for example, are 85% faster than previous designs. But this is only one must-have in a powerful family of components that makes all the difference in melt spinning, texturing, twisting and rewinding.

Temco has been developing and producing separator rollers for more than half a century. The demand for filament yarns in apparel, sportswear or upholstery fabrics, industrial yarns for car tires or bulked continuous filament (BCF) yarns for carpet production is skyrocketing. To meet the market demand, Temco has launched a new generation separator roller through continuous development of the proven separator rollers with different roller diameters and various dimensions.

Originally, separator rollers were used for yarn guidance, drawing and thread-path wrap angles on draw-twisting machines. Today, the separator roller series VR are deployed in a broad range of applications, and in some of the most diverse processes. Put simply, separator rollers are used to support the production process without influencing the yarn quality. The bearings must be of the highest quality to ensure low frictional torque, durability and stable running. High-quality bearings, yarn gentle roller shells, and corrosion resistance are what guarantee stable running as well as maximum service life thanks to optimized bearing load capacity.

The latest generation of separator rollers features lifetime lubrication which has already been tried and tested for years and ensures smooth running even at very high speeds. The bearing is equipped with clearance seals and lids which securely prevent any air flow from occurring and dirt from entering. Through the newly developed bearing damping with pre-stressed integrated bearing following characteristics will be achieved: up to 85% higher speeds in comparison to the previous designs, resonance free running, applicable for up to 50% higher yarn tension forces in comparison to the previous designs and lower bearing friction and therefore less slippage of the yarn.

The series VR50 and V60 are produced for speeds up to 4 500 m/min and as special design for speeds up to 6 000 m/min. The separator rollers, which can be used for yarn temperatures up to 160°C, have been developed to spin technical and non-technical yarns like partially oriented yarn (POY), fully drawn yarn (FDY), spin drawn yarn (SDY), and to spin draw texturing BCF yarns for carpets.

Separator rollers are a must have when it’s about achieving top quality filament yarns. But Temco offers a complete end-to-end solution of components for yarn production, which includes air jets, texturing discs, texturing cots and aprons, twist stoppers and bearings. With a comprehensive portfolio, the company supplies Made in Germany products needed to improve quality in melt spinning, texturing, twisting and rewinding.

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