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Teijin launches high-performance membrane

Aug 01, 2015
Teijin launches high-performance membrane

Teijin Limited has launched a new business based on the company´s high-performance microporous membrane production technology, MIRAIM.

MIRAIM offers high permeability, substance support and preferential segregation properties. It combines coating and multi-stratification technologies in a high-precision thin-film uniform-pore-diameter membrane made of polyethylene or/and aramid. It enables once-unattainable customer needs to be unmet flexibly through small-lot design and production. The pore diameter can be adjusted from 20nm (polyethylene version) to 3µm. Filtering down to 2nm particles is already available and a 1nm version is under development. At 3µm, moisture-permeable waterproofing is superior to that of nonwoven filters. Porosity of between 40 per cent and 90 per cent can be adjusted. Membrane thicknesses from 4µm to 200µm are possible, ensuring high-volume solution at equivalent thickness by high-strength polyethylene membrane. MIRAIM´s particle filling ratio is up to 90 per cent of its polyethylene weight ratio. Specialised functions, including flexible heat-resistance, adhesive and hydrophilic properties, are unprecedented for polyethylene membranes.

MIRAIM is suitable for applications including liquid filters for particulate removal and polishing cushion sheets for electronics, and electronics parts except separator substrates taking advantage of its waterproof moisture-permeability. Teijin has developed applicable multiple substrates, coating resins and dispersed particle technologies, and is developing composite technologies to further meet customers´ demands.

Since launching its polyethylene membrane business in 2002, Teijin has been developing production technologies for microporous membranes and dispersion techniques for inorganic particles to membrane for electronics applications. In 2007, Teijin developed its meta-aramid Teijinconex® porous membrane coated highly heat-resistant separator. It also established a production and distribution base in South Korea. The company has been expanding its separator business since launching the LIELSORT brand in October 2011.