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SPGPrints' high-speed digital printer

Apr 01, 2018

Hall 6, Booth 6B

SPGPrints’ digital printing solutions using Archer technology and advanced rotary screens for apparel applications will be presented on its stand at ITM 2018. Highlights of the digital offering at the stand will be the 1,850 mm-wide version of the JAVELIN printer, a programme of inks for a wide range of fabrics, and information on other digital printers using Archer technology.

“Since its debut at ITM 2016, JAVELIN printer has been installed at textile printing operations around the world, complementing existing digital machines and screen production,” said Hakan Uzman, MD, SPGPrints Turkey. “For the past year, Tekboy Tekstil, here in Istanbul, has been running its JAVELIN printer to supplement production capacity and meet increased demands for shorter runs, rapid turnarounds, and on-demand sample printing.”

The six-colour JAVELIN is a production scanning printer that uses SPGPrints’ unique Archer technology and Fujifilm Dimatix Samba print heads to fire variable drops of ink (2-10 pL) up to 4 mm to the substrate. With an output of up to 367 linear m per hour, the JAVELIN is suited for medium output levels, and situations where more frequent changes between different fabrics and ink chemistries are required.

For higher volumes, information will be available on the stand about the SPGPrints PIKE printer that offers high-speed, single-pass production using the same proven Archer technology. Capable of speeds up to 40 linear m hour, PIKE is enabling users to offer lead times of less than one week to global fast-fashion brands, for orders exceeding 1,00,000 linear m. With both printers, SPGPrints’ “Archer Print Head Program” is available that provides a 2.5 year guarantee on print heads in combination with the use of accredited inks. In addition to production flexibility, the JAVELIN and PIKE printers deliver high-quality print with fine lines, solid blotches, precise geometrics, and micro patterns, making them ideal for today’s design trends and demands for fast-fashion.

SPGPrints manufactures its own inks for use with JAVELIN and PIKE printers at its recently expanded ink plant, at its headquarters in Boxmeeerb (Netherlands). SPGPrints’ NEBULA range of digital inks is designed for use with printers using Kyocera print heads. Acid, reactive, disperse and sublimation inks are available, and assure smooth running, wide colour gamuts, and quality with low maintenance.

SPGPrints continues to lead the way in innovation for screen technologies because it recognises the complementary nature of digital and screen production “in meeting the demands of today’s markets quickly and cost-effectively.

On its stand at ITM 2018, visitors will find a selection of screens and printed textiles that demonstrate the characteristics of the NovaScreen line-up. NovaScreen screens offer relatively high open areas thanks to mesh counts with minimum spacing between holes, maximising paste transfer, and are available in a range of meshes from 135 and 245 holes per linear inch.