Taking automated finishing to the next level at Knopf’s Sohn

Taking automated finishing to the next level at Knopf’s Sohn

Knopf’s Sohn, a leading contract finisher of technical textiles, has installed a fully automated Montex stenter at its plant in Helmbrechts, Germany.

Montex machinery range is constantly being upgraded to meet evolving customer
needs for greater automation, ease of operation and energy optimisation. The
latest ten chamber line at Knopf’s Sohn, with a working width of up to 2.0
metres, was engineered to specific requirements in order to accelerate the
company’s move to fully automatic control of its production, and high
scaffolding was required for its installation.


line benefits from two integrated ECO Booster modules to provide high energy
savings. These compact, air-to-air heat exchangers, installed within the roof
structure of the line, exploit energy from the exhaust gas to preheat up to 60%
of the incoming fresh air entering the stenter.


use of a single ECO Booster unit has been calculated to save up to 35% in
energy costs, based on fixation processes. Fully automatic operation, set at
the Monforts Qualitex control unit, ensures there is no additional burden on
the machine operator.


line is powered by Exxotherm indirect heating, which practically eliminates the
yellowing which can be experienced during the treatment of certain polyamide
and elastane-based fabrics, and is also equipped with a Conticlean circulating
air filter system for constant high drying capacity, thanks to the automatic cleaning
of fluff from the filter system during production.



Sohn operates a total of five stenters, but the Montex takes automated
finishing for the company to a new level.


latest Qualitex visualisation software offers operators reliability and easy
control with its full HD multi-touch monitor and slider function, dashboard
function with individual adaptation to operating states and faster access to
comprehensive recipe data management.


the Monformatic control system, the exact maintenance of the dwell time in
combined treatment processes (drying and heat-setting) can be monitored. When
the heat-setting point is reached, the fan speed is automatically adjusted,
keeping energy consumption fully under control


general, Knopf’s Sohn is processing technical textiles for the automotive,
aerospace, home furnishings and workwear markets, based on wool, cellulose,
polyamide and polyester fabrics, along with elastane blends, in weights of 80-800gsm.


in 1809 in a region well-known for textiles production, the company can draw on
two centuries of accumulated know-how in all of the many processes. It is
certified to ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001, as well as the bluesign standard for
sustainable production.


ongoing success of our company is down to a combination of our many long-term,
hardworking and loyal employees, loyal and innovative customers, and market and
future-oriented business decisions,” said the company’s Managing Director Uwe
Zuleg. “With the new Monforts Montex line we can now push ahead with our
automation goals. The uniformity of the process temperature that can be
achieved, as well as the overall concept of the line, convinced us to opt for
this technology. From the first consultation to operator training, Monforts
provided competent and service-oriented assistance, and delivery and
installation remained on schedule despite the corona pandemic. The entire
process was exemplary.”

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