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TEXO Compfelt looms: Built to scale, built to last

admin- April 1, 2022

The demand for Compfelt weaving looms comes from the suppliers of paper machine clothing (PMC) to paper mills, who in turn operate colossal machines for ... Read More

Innovate or die: TMAS at ITMA

admin- June 1, 2019

Afocus on customer service, aligned with the drive to constantly innovate, has long ensured that the member companies of TMAS – the Swedish texile machinery ... Read More

TMAS office in Vietnam

admin- November 24, 2017

TMAS, Textile Machinery Association of Sweden, has established a local office in the 7th district of Ho Chi Minh City. Heading the office is Tran ... Read More

Let´s Make a Sustainable Effort for the World!

admin- September 1, 2015

Sustainability is very much in the air all over the world. Every country, however small representation it has in textile machinery segment, is concerned with ... Read More