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International Collaborative Face Mask research receives Best Paper Award

Dr Seshadri Ramkumar- February 13, 2023

While the work focuses on the importance of face masks, the journal notifies that this is the first ever paper in the nonwovens/textiles field to ... Read More

Face masks necessity & developments

admin- May 5, 2020

COVID-19 has revealed the critical need for face masks, which has resulted in the evolution of various kinds of masks. Read More

Virus war & textiles sector

admin- March 30, 2020

Advanced textiles to apparel manufacturers are turning to their own creative ways to support the fight against the invisible enemy. Read More

Removing toxic dyes from wastewater

admin- October 1, 2019

Using specially-created nanofibre webs allows sunlight to decay the dyes safely, inexpensively and easily. Read More

Opportunities & challenges for cotton

admin- April 1, 2019

Globally, supply-demand issue, quality and contamination aspects, trade, logistics and political disturbances in key cotton using countries impact the production and trade of white gold, ... Read More

Sustainable oil absorbent gets recognition

admin- May 23, 2018

Biodegradable oil absorbent mats in India have received recognition by the Indian Coast Guard. Chennai-based WellGro Tech has recently developed highly biodegradable oil absorbent pads ... Read More