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Sustainability in textile processing

admin- February 22, 2023

India is the largest producer of natural fibres like cotton and jute and second in terms of silk and rayon, therefore determination and assessment of ... Read More

Goller presents open width knit processing

admin- January 11, 2023

Open width knit mercerisation is expected to be an integral part of the sequence of knitted fabric processing soon. Mercerising is a treatment that adds ... Read More

Goller’s open width merceriser offers multiple benefits

admin- June 26, 2021

Considering the benefits and current trends, open width mercerisation is no doubt the way forward for open width knit processing factories in India. Read More

High priority push for processing vital

admin- June 1, 2014

Processing is considered a weak link within the Indian textile industry. But for K·sters, it is its forte. K·sters Calico Machinery Private Limited, one of ... Read More