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Groz-Beckert opens sales office in Surat

admin- October 17, 2023

With the new office, Groz-Beckert aims to provide even better support for its customers from the knitting industry. In order to be even closer to ... Read More

Indian knitwear industry: A promising market of future

admin- May 1, 2021

Covid 19 pandemic has changed the dynamics of the global knitting industry with leading fashion brands scouting for new suppliers. Indian knitwear makers can take ... Read More

Objective of ZIM research project SAMStrick

admin- June 17, 2020

The objective of the ZIM research project SAMStrick (ZF4018786CJ7) is the development of an innovative combination layer of tetragonal amorphous carbon (ta-C) and Diamond Like ... Read More

Knitting technologies & developments

admin- November 1, 2019

Knitted fabrics, due to their properties like shape fitting, softer handle, bulkier nature and high extensibility at low tension, which are being extensively used for ... Read More

We provide modern and latest machinery to our customers

admin- August 1, 2019

Needles & Elements India Pvt Ltd has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of weaving machinery in India. Read More

Cifra strengthens R&D & design departments

admin- July 11, 2019

Cifra, an Italian leader in the production of knitwear using its Warp Knit Seamless (WKS) technology, is investing in research and design, thanks to the ... Read More

Navapur lures weaving units

admin- August 30, 2018

For power loom weavers in Surat, Navapur, a border district in Maharashtra — about 100 km from Surat — has become the preferred destination for ... Read More