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Wearin’ IoT fall detection ensures lone workers’ safety reliably

admin- December 15, 2023

Concrete producer PRO BRETON’s lone worker protection equipment has incorporated Wearin's IoT solution, which alerts the control center in the event of an accident and ... Read More

Smart solutions: Redefining the future of manufacturing

admin- November 1, 2021

Post-Covid-19 phase, e-buying has substantially increased presenting a challenge of timely delivery. Digitalisation of warehouses is crucial for sustaining of business and to be afloat ... Read More

Safety and Sustainability in the Textile Industry

admin- February 1, 2021

Anuj Bhagwati, Head of A.T.E. Group emphasises the importance of safety and sustainability in a post-pandemic world and shares thoughts on the need for sustainable ... Read More

Design & development of healthcare PPE

admin- December 1, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has put personal protective equipment (PPE) in the spotlight and made PPE a common term among the public, say Rajanna L Gotipamul ... Read More

Flexible textile battery may power wearable devices

admin- May 29, 2019

Scientists have developed a thin, highly flexible textile lithium battery that could safely power wearable electronics used in healthcare monitoring, smart clothes and Internet of ... Read More

Rieter’s first step towards IoT

admin- November 1, 2017

Rieter has taken the first steps in the Internet of Things (IoT) with two SPIDERweb modules, the Alert and Cockpit modules as well as the ... Read More

Smart Factory

admin- September 1, 2017

Gaining Ground: Automation in textile industry started more than a decade ago in India. Now, it is gathering steam and reaching wider areas, finds the ... Read More