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Simultaneous scanning is the only sensible solution for textile

admin- August 1, 2021

In this interview, Thomas Höpfl, Sales Manager, Mahlo, explains how simultaneous scanning with multiple sensors ensures high-quality goods and less waste for the customers. Read More

Pailung: Leading manufacturer of knitting machines

admin- October 15, 2020

Pailung today is already a leading knitting machine manufacturer in the world, and Pailung will continue its efforts to in innovation. In addition, Pailung will ... Read More

Global yarn output up, fabric dips in Q2/18

admin- December 11, 2018

Global yarn production increased by 5 per cent between Q1/18 and Q2/18 whereas global fabric production decreased from Q1/18 to Q2/18, according to the ITMF ... Read More

Global yarn & fabric production falls in Q3/17

admin- March 15, 2018

Global yarn production decreased by -0.4 per cent between Q2/17 and Q3/17. An output reduction of respectively -3 per cent and -0.5 per cent in ... Read More

Global fabric output declines in Q1/2017

admin- July 28, 2017

The global yarn production improved in Q1/2017 quarter-on-quarter. Thereby, output in Asia, North America and South America improved, and it declined slightly in Europe. Read More

Global yarn output up, fabric down in Q1/2016

admin- August 1, 2016

The global yarn production increased in Q1/2016 quarter-on-quarter. Thereby, output in Asia and South America rose on a quarterly basis, while it decreased in Europe. ... Read More

Processing of silk hanks: An industrial overview

admin- May 1, 2014

What are the dyeing process and the dyestuffs used for dyeing of silk hanks? M Das, S Basak, Kartick K Samanta, SK Chattopadhyay, S Das ... Read More