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B&R’s ACOPOS P3 defies environmental influences

admin- June 10, 2022

The compact B&R servo drive is suitable for use in aggressive atmospheric environments and at temperatures as low as -25°C. The electronics of the ACOPOS ... Read More

ABB Jokab sensors and B&R technology, a perfect match

admin- January 1, 2021

ABB Jokab's proven range of innovative safety sensors can now be used directly with B&R's integrated safety technology. Read More

B&R’s APROL process control system

admin- December 1, 2020

In order to fully protect manufacturing systems against cyberattack, B&R has further enhanced the user management features of the APROL process control system. Read More

Industrial PC memory gets a turbo boost

admin- October 1, 2020

M.2 memory modules are very compact and are based on MLC technology. Their high throughput makes them particularly attractive for data logging and other data-intensive ... Read More

B&R adds new compact PLC to Compact-S series

admin- May 5, 2020

With Ethernet, POWERLINK, USB and RS232, it offers plenty of communication options. An optional CAN interface is also available. With no fans or batteries, the ... Read More

B&R presents powerful Edge Controller

admin- December 1, 2018

A single device to acquire data, evaluate it and send it to the cloud – that’s now possible with B&R’s Edge Controller. Read More

Save energy & increase performance

admin- November 1, 2018

With the current reduction function, B&R has integrated sensorless, load-dependent current control, which significantly increases the performance of the module. Read More