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The role of textile technology in modern carpets

admin- February 13, 2024

Today's emerging technologies have expanded possibilities for design and function, streamlining production complexities into practical, bespoke creations, says Deepankar Choudhary. In today's world, the pursuit ... Read More

Emerging concepts in soft computing methods for the textile sector

Roshna- February 15, 2023

Cloud computing looks promising in the textile and apparel industries considering its simplification of various business operations, but it needs more clarification with regard to ... Read More

Augmented reality: Immaculate digital experiences for manufacturing sector

admin- November 1, 2021

Just like IT or engineering services industry, Augmented Reality (AR) experiences services is the next big opportunity as many companies will leverage AR to further ... Read More

Smart solutions: Redefining the future of manufacturing

admin- November 1, 2021

Post-Covid-19 phase, e-buying has substantially increased presenting a challenge of timely delivery. Digitalisation of warehouses is crucial for sustaining of business and to be afloat ... Read More