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Menswear market to hit $522 bn

admin- February 14, 2017

The global menswear market has been experiencing fast growth that has outpaced the womenswear market in recent years. Read More

US apparel retail poised for steady growth

admin- December 29, 2016

Operating income for the US retail industry is expected to grow between four and five per cent in 2017. Sales are expected to grow in ... Read More

2016: The year that was

admin- December 28, 2016

The Index of Industrial Production (IIP), which provides quick estimates of the performance of key industrial sectors, started resurrecting upward movement during FY2015-16. As per ... Read More

Demonetisation hurts apparel sales

admin- December 2, 2016

Thanks to the demonetisation, the Indian textile and apparel industry has lost 30-40 per cent of business. Apparel sale in domestic markets had stopped in ... Read More