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Problems and prospects of 3D textile printing

admin- August 26, 2023

3D printed clothing could also have sensors and other wearable technology which can make the fashion items and the clothing a lot “smarter” than what ... Read More

Apparel 4.0 Technologies to showcase digitalisation of apparel sewing

admin- May 24, 2023

Apparel 4.0 Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the top sixteen winners of the ITMA 2023 Startup valley. The company’s i-SMART has already won many ... Read More

Karl Mayer: From the machine to the printing table

admin- February 15, 2023

Highly-productive mass production process for tailor-made products thanksto Karl Mayer’s new 3D printing system. The combination of new technologies such as additive manufacturing with the ... Read More

Why 3D printing is gaining traction in textile sector

admin- January 19, 2023

3D printing enriches the work of the textile and fashion industry and motivates future designers and scientists to engage in further exploration, informs Dr K ... Read More

Karl Mayer to host AM symposium

admin- October 29, 2022

Additive manufacturing already enables completely new product solutions in many sectors, including the textile industry. The combination of 3D printing technology and textiles in particular ... Read More

Smart factory: An integrated approach to manufacturing

admin- November 1, 2021

Smart manufacturing - a part of the overall Industry 4.0 - is an interoperation of the many developments that have been seen in the last ... Read More

Transforming manufacturing landscape by upgrading technology

admin- November 1, 2021

SMEs need to tackle this gap by becoming not just agile, but also staying ahead of the curve, with the ability to withstand strong market ... Read More