Stalam-Deyi winders making a mark in India

Stalam-Deyi winders making a mark in India

A.T.E.´s Customer Support Group (CSG) has a team of well-trained engineers across India to take care of all after-sales services of Stalam Deyi winders, including erection, commissioning and troubleshooting.

A.T.E.´s Customer Support Group (CSG) has a team of well-trained engineers across India to take care of all after-sales services of Stalam Deyi winders, including erection, commissioning and troubleshooting.
Within a short span since their launch in India, Stalam-Deyi winders have clearly established their edge over other makes of winders, both imported and local. With clearly differentiated performance, Stalam-Deyi soft package winders provide the following unique advantages:

  • Higher productivity
  • Uniformity in softness from top to bottom
  • Uniformity in density ´ package to package
  • Uniformity in yarn lengths ´ package to package
  • No slippage at the ends and no ribbon formation in the packages
  • Very low yarn breakage
  • Low power consumption

Stalam-Deyi is a well-established brand in China for soft winders and re-winders, supplying around 3,000 spindles per month. Stalam-Deyi is also fast establishing its footprint in other countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. Stalam Deyi Manufacturing Co. Ltd is a joint venture between Shanghai Deyi Machinery Mfg. Co. Ltd, Shanghai, China, and Stalam, Italy. Stalam Deyi has entered into a collaboration with SIMET S.R.L. Italy, and manufactures both soft package and re-winders with the technical guidance from SIMET S.R.L., thereby ensuring a high quality product, designed for exceptional performance, with an excellent price-performance ratio.


  • The grooved drum series winder adopts a modern design concept from SIMET S.R.L. Italy, which has rich experience in manufacturing winders for decades.
  • The core part of grooved drum is made out of a super plastic special alloy based on modern shaping, which keeps the dust away from the drum. This is unlike other machine wherein the drums have a tendency of absorbing dust.
  • The drums are manufactured by using laser welding technology which ensures precision and uniformity of drum shape.
  • The drums are light in weight.
  • The special advanced pressure balance design and the winding tension adjusting system make the winding speed from 200-1,000 m/min by which it is possible to achieve around 20 per cent higher production compared to others.
  • The winder control has an in-built electronic length testing system which ensures consistency in length for all the packages.
  • Each drum has a length counting meter, which is stopped automatically when the yarn breaks, ensuring the correct length of yarn in a package. This system is unique.
  • All the drum motors are controlled by a single inverter which ensures uniform speed of all the drums, which is again an advantage over others.
  • The specialty of Stalam Deyi winder is that it has two inverters on each side. The first inverter operates for slow speeds, which auto shifts to another inverter when the machine speed is increased to high speeds. This system ensures higher speed of the drums compared to others.
  • The electric control system using Rs 485 communication technology makes an intelligent system together with an LCD, central micro processing controller, single head controller, inverter start and operation. It performs the functions of accurate meter counting, yarn break testing control, speed setting, anti-patterning effect setting, etc.

  • Each section is made up of 12 heads and a maximum of nine sections, which makes up a machine of up to 108 heads.

Winder models
1.SSA/SHA ´ for high yarn tension and hard package
2.SSB/SHB ´ for medium yarn tension
3.SSC/SHC ´ for lower yarn tension and soft package
SS stands for soft winder and SH stands for re-winder. Based on the type of yarn and<

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