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Rieter Com4® yarns - Yarns of choice

Nov 01, 2014
Rieter Com4® yarns - Yarns of choice

Com4-the yarn brand from Rieter-has been an established name in the textile industry for more than a decade.

Rieter, a leading supplier to the textile machinery, has launched Com4, the yarn brand. Com4 has been an established name in the textile industry for more than a decade. To date, Com4 stood for high-quality compact yarns spun on Rieter compact spinning machines.

Belonging to the family of Com4 yarns are Com4ring, Com4compact, Com4rotor and Com4jet which stand for high-quality yarns spun on all four Rieter end spinning systems.

Com4 is a worldwide registered Rieter trademark. As well as Rieter customers who wish to have their yarns licensed, downstream processors can also have their textile fabrics which are verifiably manufactured from Com4 yarn licensed.

Every spinning technology creates a typical yarn structure. It determines the individual yarn characteristics and therefore the character of the brand. Both the characteristics of the yarn itself and the characteristics in downstream processing or of the subsequent textile product, are determined by the yarn structure. As the structure forms the basis of all characteristics, the yarn structure images have also been selected as the central illustration for the yarn brand Com4.

Diversity results in flexibility and creativity
Creativity has no limits in the textile industry. In order to produce innovative textile surfaces, varied yarns are needed. To bring special designs or functions into the fabric, textile designers require a vast selection of yarn types. In addition to the yarn structure variants such as the yarn fineness, volume and the fiber material in use, options are necessary to provide designers with a large yarn variety.

The four end spinning systems can produce additional yarn variants by adaptation of special facilities. For instance, core yarns can be produced in Com4ring-core and Com4compact-core versions. Fancy yarns are possible in the Com4ring-vario, Com4compact-vario and Com4rotor-vario versions. Twin facilitiesùfor manufacture of spin plied yarns-are made possible by Com4ring-twin und Com4compact-twin. A special yarn is Com4compact-light with reduced compacting of the yarn. As you can see, variety and creativity are practically unlimited.

The path to your licensing
You, as spinning unit or fabric manufacturer, can contact Rieter any time and apply for the Com4 license.

Rieter experts from the sectors sales, product management, service and textile technology validate the applications. Spinning companies, who have their spinning process completely under control, maintain their machine park well and have high quality expectations that they also implement, have the best chance to obtain a license.

Examined is whether the applicant manufactures yarns on the specified machine generations. Com4ring must be produced on the ring spinning generations G 32, G 33 and G 35. Com4compact on the compact spinning generations K 44 and K 45. Com4rotor yarn on the rotor spinning machines R 40 and R 60. Com4jet yarn is produced on the air-jet spinning machines J 10 and J 20.

Following a positive decision, a license contract is concluded. The new licensee can directly profit from the yarn marketing.

The Com4 family is steadily growing. Almost 100 spinning companies have applied for the new branding. Over 3,000 yarn qualities have already been traded as Com4 yarns.

United to success
How will you now profit from the Com4 campaign? The marketing concept is based on the classical pull-and-push effect. This means, a licensee offers (push) the market Com4 yarns through their sales promotions. Simultaneously, the downstream processors-the knitter and the weaver-ask for Com4 yarns (pull). This effect only happens when all those involved kno