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Overhead travelling cleaner from AB Reiniger

Mar 01, 2016
Overhead travelling cleaner from AB Reiniger

AB Reiniger Industries Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore, formerly known as , AB Industries—established as a manufacturer of all types of overhead travelling cleaners—offers the world-best proven German technology to the textile industry with the technical know-how and guidance from Welker Spintech GmbH, a world leader in manufacturing and supplying of textile engineering products to various customers worldwide since 1856. AB Reiniger Industries Pvt Ltd has technical collaboration and joint venture agreement with Welker Spintech GmbH, Germany, and offers world-class yarn conditioning plants (YCP), over head travelling cleaners (OHTC) and bobbin transport system (BTS).

The purpose of OHTC is to clean the machine parts of yarn producing/processing machine of either kind by blowing the filtered atmospheric air sucked through the nozzle to the intricate parts of machine for maintaining dust-free environment, thereby enhancing the quality of yarn and maximising the production. The purpose of BTS is to transfer the bobbins from speed frame to ring frame without stain or sweating mark, protecting the surface of roving wound on bobbins, eliminating the intermediate storage area for bobbins, etc.

Three types of OHTC include: belt drive for straight line path; chain drive for straight line path; and power duct for straight/curved/rotational/zig-zag path.


  • Specially designed hanging OHTC for LMW make LF 4200 series speed frame
  • Common OHTC for ring spinning frame and link coner
  • Adjustable blowing attachments to accommodate bobbin transport system with flexibility to interchange for all types of spinning frame
  • Auto-parking arrangements during doffing time
  • Suessen Elite Nozzle/RoCoS compact yarn attachments
  • Wharve cleaning arrangements in case of Zinser make ring frame
  • Over hanging OHTC for warping/Jacquard looms
  • Obstacle sensor for auto reversal
  • Suction arrangements at suction pipe/centralised collection
  • Suitable for mixed humidification system in looms

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