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MORALFIBRE: Unique fabric

Mar 01, 2016
MORALFIBRE: Unique fabric

This unique fibre is organic, allergy-free, and with natural dyes is said to have healing qualities.

The inherent quality of MORALFIBRE fabric is such that it allows air circulation and it absorbs body’s moisture, making it a cool and comfortable against the body in summer and by using layers it keeps the body warmth trapped within its threads in winter. The feel and wearability of the cloth improves with every wash. Its organic, allergy-free fabric, along with natural dyes is said to have healing qualities.

The cloth is completely made of biodegradable materials. Its fabrics are made without using finite energy and resources so that it makes less negative impact on the environment. Unlike other industrially-manufactured woven and knitted ones, these hand-crafted fabrics making involve hand spinning and hand weaving using ‘people energy’ instead and has far reaching economic and social benefits to the artisans, living in remote villages. MORALFIBRE is a registered member of Fair Trade Forum India, a part of WFTO – Asia. So far over 2,500 artisans, mainly women working in remote villages have been helped by this initiative. Today, with growing concerns about global warming and climate change, this is a unique way of fabric hand crafting and it is a clean energy initiative.

MORALFIBRE produces hand spun hand woven fabrics, furnishings and Feel-Well-Fashions in 100 per cent cotton, silk, wool and blends. The fabrics are designer fabrics and order size can be from 250 to 10,000 m. The fabrics include 100 per cent cotton, wool and silk in different counts and GSM of highest quality. The primary source of raw material is certified organic cotton and non-certified cotton sourced from local farmers. Natural alternatives such as natural spinning oils that biodegrade easily are used to facilitate spinning; potato starch is used for sizing; hydrogen peroxide is used for bleaching. A good boiling wash removes the cotton wax, and the fibre retains its original characteristics. Fabrics are natural, greige and white, yarn dyed and fabric dyed with azo-free dyes. The weaving is single yarn, double yarns, plain or twisted. Hand woven slub is one of the specialties of these fabrics, which give a fine textures and feel. The 100 per cent wool used in fabric making is Australian Marino wool, hand crafted locally. Creating woolen fabric and felt is a lengthy process rooted in the crafts-based traditions of hand spinning and weaving each with its own specialty and character. Wool has great elasticity and is the most crease resistant of all natural fibres. Since the wool is hand spun and hand woven, it creates a beautiful soft, textural character.

Hand-crafted 100 per cent silk fabrics are outsourced from Northeast India. They include matka silk, tussar silk, ahimsa or peace silk, soft silk and blends. The fabrics can be called re-invented, superior quality khadi, which is an age-old-hand-crafted fabric making technology still used in India. Due to popularity of machine-made synthetic and knitted fabrics, this craft has been slowly dying. MORALFIBRE is making concerted efforts to revive and give new identity to this home-based craft. Recently, for the first time, MORALFIBRE has organic khadi, a fabric produced by one of the cooperatives. MORALFIBRE is well positioned as a quality supplier of fabrics in this unique category. There is a direct link between health and MORALFIBRE bed linen and other furnishings as well as clothing; Feel-Well-Fashion. People spend almost one third of their lives sleeping and relaxing. Resting, rejuvenating and recuperative processes while sleeping in healthy, chemical free surroundings go hand in hand with these products. Some of the dyes used are said to help and support in healing.

The cotton threads of MORALFIBRE guarantee a nice freshness in summer and a veil of warmth for the colder season. Do you know that generally the manufacturing of the cloth use about 600 to 800 chemicals; many of them harmful to the body? MORALFIBRE is certified ‘nonallergic’. It uses more of natural materials that are not harmful to the body and the environment. This reduces the chances of suffering from allergies and illnesses caused by skin contact and fumes of the harmful substances from the fabric. This also protects the health of the artisans working with MORALFIBRE.

Furnishing include allergy-free bed linen, cushions, floor cushions, curtains, quilts and table linen, and a wide range of napkins. The fabrics are allergy free, handcrafted using traditional and modern technologies and styles. MORALFIBRE also produces furnishing from 100 per cent silk, peace silk and wool. Under Feel-Well-Fashion: MORALFIBRE offers allergy-free, healthy garments including shirts, children’s wear, women tops, tunics, kurtas and sleepwear. To compliment the spirit of purity and tranquility of yoga, meditation as well as natural healing of spa, MORALFIBRE has an exclusive range of yoga and spa wear.