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Improving the quality of warp beams

Apr 01, 2016
Improving the quality of warp beams

KARL MAYER has developed the NOV-O-MATIC 1000 to meet the demand for warp beams.

The NOV-O-MATIC from KARL MAYER is an automatic, short-warp, sectional warping machine that focuses on premium quality and flexibility when producing warp beams. The technical features of this innovative warp preparation machine include the laser band build-up system, which guarantees uniform band circumferences and warping carriage movements, without the need for intermediate stops to make adjustments, and automatic, freely selectable leasing systems, which may have up to nine sizing divisions.

A range of creel systems is available with yarn tension controllers to suit every type of yarn – a feature that makes the NOV-O-MATIC an all-round machine. This warp preparation machine can be used in the production of shirtings, mattresses, bedding, bathroom and cleaning textiles, as well as some technical textiles, soft furnishings, suitings and silk fabrics. This sectional warping machine has recently undergone some optimisation work, which makes it even more suited to the market.

As of now, the NOV-O-MATIC can be ordered with an equalising roller as an optional feature. This cylindrical component is already being used successfully as a standard feature on the semi-automatic ISOWARP and PROWARP sectional warping machines. This technology has been patented for automatic sectional warping machines.

The equalising function enables irregularities in the beam build that occur during processing, such as differences in the yarn count and yarn tension between the inner and outer layers, to be equalised efficiently – with fewer or, if required, without any active yarn tension control systems at the creel. This improves the quality of the warp beam even more.

The surface of the beam and the band build are extremely uniform. The equalising roller also compresses the density, which enables the warp lengths to be increased.

All these performance features are designed to appeal to the customer. A video of the NOV-O-MATIC with equalising roller was presented at ITMA 2015, where it attracted the attention of many visitors to the fair. They saw this technology as a real innovation that would enable them to use automatic warping to produce longer warp lengths.

The first NOV-O-MATIC with equalising roller has already been sold to a textile producer in Europe. Another customer in Europe is looking into a second machine. This textile producer is currently testing the processing of different yarns on the sectional warping machine at KARL MAYER.

The warp length and the operating features of the NOV-O-MATIC have been modified to give the customer added benefits. KARL MAYER has developed the NOV-O-MATIC 1000 to meet the demand for warp beams with long running lengths. The maximum beam diameter of this upgraded machine is 1,000 mm, which makes it 200 mm bigger than its predecessor – for a maximum 30 per cent increase in speed. Various modifications to the construction of the overall machine, especially to the drum and braking system, were made in order to produce longer warp lengths for the same performance parameters.

A new NOV-O-MATIC 1000 has already been sold, following tests carried out using different yarns at KARL MAYER. The machine was dispatched to a manufacturer in Europe in autumn 2015. During the course of upgrading selected machines, the NOV-O-MATIC was fitted with a new operator interface to enable this high-performance machine to be operated easily. Even at first glance, the size of the modern display is striking, since the old 12.1” version has been replaced by a new 15.6” version. The new features soon become apparent during use. Operation via multi-touchscreens follows the intuitive logic of a smartphone, whereby the user can scroll through pages by swiping the screen, and the screen can be touched for longer to run through the menu points. This allows the user to design the user interface to suit his own requirements. The modern design of the interface also makes it fun to work at the display. The entire design is based on KARL MAYER’s new KAMCOS® 2 system.