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2Impact FX: Innovation update for ultraeconomical compact spinning technology

Jun 01, 2014
2Impact FX: Innovation update for ultraeconomical compact spinning technology

With constant compact power, 2Impact FX offers even greater economic efficiency and demonstrates the innovative capacity of Schlafhorst as a technology leader.

The aerodynamically optimised 2Impact FX unit heralds the arrival of the second generation of this ultra-economical compact spinning technology. In the new compact spinning unit for the Zinser 351 the air ducting system has been optimised to enhance functionality and customer benefit. With constant compact power 2Impact FX offers even greater economic efficiency and once more demonstrates the innovative capacity of Schlafhorst as a technology leader.

The new air ducting system ensures a turbulence-free airflow with positive effects on the compacting of the yarn. The air circulates freely around the 2Impact FX unit, so that there is no tendency towards contamination from additional machine elements as is the case with the competition. The core of Zinser compact technology-the self-cleaning compact apron-has been improved in one important detail. With its inclined slots it has better running properties, which increases the service life of the apron.

No loss of compact power

The economic efficiency of compact spinning stands or falls with the compact power of the system. Only if the airflow that binds the fibres into the yarn remains constant during the entire spinning process is it possible to create a product of guaranteed quality and to fully exploit the economic advantages of compact spinning. In competitor systems compact power is lost because the air ducting systems become clogged with fibre particles during spinning. This reduces the vacuum in the compacting unit and the yarn gradually loses its desired characteristics. The consequence is a steady drop in quality. In addition, personnel-intensive inspections and time-consuming cleaning intervals are required. By contrast, in the 2Impact FX there is no loss of compact power.

The self-cleaning system continuously ensures the desired yarn quality. There is no need for personnel intensive inspections. There are also no production downtimes due to cleaning intervals.

Compact spinning is becoming increasingly popular

The trend towards compact spinning continues to grow and will become even stronger over the course of the coming years because of its compelling economic benefits. With Zinser 2Impact FX technology these benefits can be fully exploited. The technology represents an innovative milestone offering 100 per cent compact power, ultimate reliability and maximum economic efficiency.

The most intelligent system on the market

The compact spinning system from Zinser is the most intelligent on the market. It is

  • automatically self-cleaning,
  • optimally aerodynamically designed and
  • equipped with its own controlled vacuum unit.

The innovation edge provided by 2Impact FX offers Schlafhorst customers all the benefits of compact spinning.

Superior cost effectiveness through increased production

With 2Impact FX, the second generation of compact spinning innovation from Schlafhorst, the company enhances its selling proposition in terms of economic efficiency and quality. The Zinser 351 2Impact FX is the result of systematic customer-oriented product development. The innovative compact spinning machine increases customer benefit in areas crucial to success. No personnel are needed to check the compacting unit and production is not interrupted by cleaning intervals. Depending on yarn count and machine length, selfcleaning 2Impact FX technology enables operators to achieve production increases of up to 7,700 kg per year just through the absence of cleaning intervals.

Self-cleaning technology based on innov