Savio Texcone: A leader of Paper Cones

Savio Texcone: A leader of Paper Cones


Savio Texcone’s unique selling point is its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant combined with regular capital expenditure in R&D which has allowed the company to cater every segment in textile yarns from cotton to woolen to Polypropylene. Savio Texcone offers contemporary textile paper cones in innovative designs for all your spinning needs. Established in 1995, Savio Texcone has emerged as a well-known exporter of wide range of paper cones covering all yarn segments. Savio Texcone is team is delighted to welcome its customers on the next edition of the ITMA 2023 at Hall 3-A-209 in Milan, Italy.

The vast technical infrastructure coupled with the prestigious accrediting of ISO 9001-2015 provides a strong combination of quality and credibility. The quality monitoring at every stage result in paper cones with neat and polished finish with a strong crushing and resistant to steaming/autoclaving. This ability to deliver all types of customised solutions at a very economical price has enabled Savio Texcone to establish its international market in all the 6 continents.

Salient features of Savio Texcone paper cones are:

  • Accurate dimension of Paper Cones that ensures             smooth yarn transfer with higher efficiency on autoconer.
  • Balanced roundness that avoids the yarn sloughing off at high speed transfer of the Machine.
  • Moisture proof products- suitable for steaming process (YCP) and lycra yarn.
  • Minimum weight variation in the paper cones that           allow the perfect grip of the package.
  • Strong enough to carry heavy materials such as carpet yarns.
  • Deep and wide-pointed groove for the proper tail end placement.

The company’s manufacturing unit has the capacity of 225,00 pieces per day made possible by dedicated manpower and process managers that are responsible for quality production. The quality protocols and mechanisms at every stage ensure seamless transition of product from kraft paper to paper cones through a number of different processes. 

Further, the company’s unique ability to design any customised product as per the client’s needs has enabled it to enter new markets such as technical textiles, worsted yarn, woolen yarn and polypropylene yarn.  This has paved way for the company to expand its customer breadth in more countries such as Taiwan, Mauritius, Egypt, Greece etc.

The company has a policy of providing free samples for customers to get approval regarding the dimension and quality of the product. Only after such approval the company goes for bulk production. It helps the company in gaining total customer satisfaction.

Paper cones for double yarn conditioning

            Savio Texcone has developed ultra-high crushing strength paper cones (more than 4kg/cm^2) which has application for pre-conditioning as well as double yarn conditioning. This allows the customer to put additional moisture to gain doff weight without damaging the cone.

Quality commitment

Savio Texcone’s total commitment to quality, innovation and product integrity have resulted in the trust, loyalty of clients worldwide and thus gain a substantial share in the export market such as UK, USA, UAE, Argentina, Spain Germany, South Africa, Thailand, Belgium etc. The company is committed to achieve customer satisfaction through continual improvement in the Quality Management System and by complying the applicable requirements with a guiding motto of “Just do it right”. With an ISO 9001:2015 certification from DNV, Netherland, which signify matching the quality management systems standard, the textile paper cones thus produced match global standards.