Saurer to demonstrate drive for continual innovation

Saurer to demonstrate drive for continual innovation

In addition, a number of Saurer business lines are celebrating anniversaries this year, the most long-lived of which, its embroidery business, was founded 150 years ago.


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In Barcelona, Saurer will present a range of new products, demonstrating our drive for continual innovation to our customers and the industry. With our E³ principle, the company acknowledges its responsibility to create sustainable machinery – its new products require less energy and fewer resources while featuring optimised ergonomics to enhance user-friendliness. In addition, the company is increasingly incorporating intelligent technology to augment the human effort. Saurer’s focus is on meeting the needs of investors and operators of spinning mills as they strive to reach their goals. Since the beginning, its innovations have been the driving force behind our customers’ creations – from yarns to garments, tyres and artificial turf.

The innovations that Saurer Spinning Solutions will show at ITMA include new machinery, automation and digitisation technologies as well as quality-determining components and services. Saurer’s solution approach is also integrated into the product portfolio of the segment. Managing the spinning value chain from finalised package down to fibres gives Saurer a knowledge base that translates into a competitive advantage for our customers. For Saurer, the solution consists of more than just machinery. Automation, digitisation, service, training, consulting and even project financing are integral parts of a smart offering, conceptualised with customers’ top-of-mind requirements.

The extension of the value chain from bale to package allows Saurer to have complete control over yarn quality along the entire process. While focusing on delivering perfect package quality for each spinning application from one source, we have divided the systems into ring spinning (Zinser System) and open-end spinning (Schlafhorst System). Its Zinser System focuses on flexibility and intelligent linkage in high-speed ring spinning, and features a new modular structure and intelligent RFID-based material flow. In open-end spinning, the Schlafhorst System embodies versatility with solutions for different yarn structures.

The Saurer Technologies Segment is also presenting an array of innovative products. Its direct cabling machine CableCorder CC5 is already in its fifth generation – this version is even more economical and features a smart spindle concept as well as smart quality control and software solutions. Customers in the carpet yarn sector will need look no further than its new series of CarpetCabler/CarpetTwister – these machines are capable of fulfilling any requirement with ease. The company will also be launching the latest generation of the CompactTwister, which has already demonstrated its dominance in the market with sales of over four million spindles.

Saurer is also offering a complete top-down embroidery solution – customers can complete each step of the ennoblement process, from the first drawing of the design to the final stitch on our Epoca 7 machine. Its HeadLine application system, also incorporating a new laser head that can cut virtually any fabric, allows customers to produce limitless designs. Automation features have resulted in a dramatic increase in productivity.

With the launch of a device-monitoring system for all ball bearings, Saurer enters the market for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. The system allows the constant condition monitoring of every single Temco bearing within a plant. Identifying positions with possible defects before serious malfunctions occur enables customers to take a proactive approach. Predictive maintenance based on the real load situation will become a reality.

In its elastomer components business line, the company is fulfilling customers’ requests for a ring-spinning cot with a hardness of 68 Shore A, completing the range of Accotex J-series cots from soft to hard with different lifetimes for different applications. The latest airjet spinning aprons feature a redesigned composition of the inner layer in combination with a newly designed knurled structure, resulting in even gentler yarn treatment.

In addition, a number of Saurer business lines are celebrating anniversaries this year, the most long-lived of which, its embroidery business, was founded 150 years ago.

Saurer Group is a leading globally operating technology group focusing on machinery and components for yarn processing. As a company with a long tradition, Saurer has always been a leader in innovation. Today, Saurer comprises the two segments Saurer Spinning Solutions and Saurer Technologies. Saurer Spinning Solutions offers high quality, technologically advanced and customer-specific automation solutions for processing staple fibre from bale to yarn. Saurer Technologies specialises in twisting and embroidery as well as engineered and polymer solutions. With annual sales revenues of Euro 1.1 billion, 4,300 employees, and locations in Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, the USA, China, India and Singapore, the strongly growing group is well positioned to serve the world’s textile industry centres.