Saurer Autoairo defines new benchmarks in productivity

Saurer Autoairo defines new benchmarks in productivity

The Autoairo air-spinning machine, which the innovation pioneer Saurer launched at ITMA 2019, is a sensation, because it defines new benchmarks in productivity, efficiency and especially automation in the lucrative air-spinning market. The interest from visitors and the spinning industry in general has been overwhelming.

The Autoairo air-spinning machine, which the innovation pioneer Saurer launched at ITMA 2019, is a sensation, because it defines new benchmarks in productivity, efficiency and especially automation in the lucrative air-spinning market. The interest from visitors and the spinning industry in general has been overwhelming.

The Autoairo has autonomous spinning positions with individual drives, integrated intelligence and a digital piecing unit. Twenty-four piecing operations can be carried out simultaneously with SynchroPiecing 24. Compared to other machines on the market, the piecing capacity of the Autoairo is roughly twice as high. The Autoairo requires 40 per cent less space than air-spinning machines with a one-sided design. This means that spinning mills’ floor area can be smaller, which reduces construction and air conditioning costs. In this way, the return on investment is accelerated. With MultiLot, up to four lots can be spun on the Autoairo at the same time.

In addition, seamless lot changes during ongoing production are possible. With PilotSpin, test packages can be manufactured while the other spinning positions simply continue with normal production. LED strips at each spinning position signal, among other things, that cans need to be replaced soon. This ensures rapid intervention by personnel without the need for cumbersome tours of inspection.

Already on the first day of the exhibition, Saurer sold several Autoairo machines, the first one to Zagis, an innovative Mexican textile company, known for its use of cutting-edge technology. “The Autoairo combines the advantages of air spinning with the world’s most advanced automation technologies,” says Mayer Zaga Galante, CEO of Zagis. “Saurer’s digitised single spinning position technology is a groundbreaking basis for intelligent automation. The Autoairo is highly competitive in every respect.”

Saurer’s contribution to mankind’s giant leap, the moon landing

Fifty years ago, people around
the globe watched in awe as a human being stepped onto the moon’s surface
for the first time. We have a little-known connection to this occasion, which marked the start of a new chapter in space exploration. On 20 July 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon. As the world commemorates the 50th anniversary of this event, we consider the small but significant contribution our company made to this momentous occasion, made possible through the
expertise of our customer.

Saurer’s partnership with apparel branding innovator Lion Brothers, based in Owings Mills, Maryland, USA, lasted seven decades. Already in 1967, the company had become the first to supply the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) with embroidered mission patches, starting with Apollo 1.

Using Saurer’s 2S-55, the most advanced embroidery machine of the time, Lion Brothers produced the shoulder patch for Apollo 11, the mission that resulted in two astronauts reaching the moon.

“We are proud to have made a contribution to this pioneering mission. Superb quality has always been a distinguishing feature of our customers’ products,” states Efthimios Katsidis, General Manager Saurer Embroidery.

At the time, punched tape was used to programme embroidery machines. An image six times the size of the design, called the cartoon, was produced. The puncher then recorded the X and Y coordinates on the paper tape by punching holes into it. The creation of the cartoon and digitising process were both manual. In the case of the Apollo 11 mission patches, the government contract with Lion Brothers dictated that all cartoons and punched
tapes had to be destroyed once production was complete. This means that any such patches produced subsequently are copies.

“As science and technology keep developing, we are eager to see our customers pushing boundaries and using our machines to serve clients in new industries and in unprecedented ways,” says Efthimios Katsidis. “Who knows, perhaps embroideries or technical textiles created on Saurer machines will play a role in the first manned mission to Mars.”

Saurer’s new website: clear, intuitive and responsive

ITMA 2019 marks the start of a new era for Saurer.

The new website in fresh corporate design went live to coincide with the start of the exhibition. Customers and stakeholders can find to the desired products, services
and company information in a few easy navigational steps. The site’s new structure and appearance reflects a modern company with a focus on digitalisation. Using our streamlined site, visitors will be able to gain a clear overview of what we have to offer – comprehensive, tailored solutions that include far more than
just machinery.

Through dedicated teamwork, it was possible for us to relaunch the group’s website on 18 June 2019 after just a few months. Saurer had launched the previous version of the site six years ago and this was the opportune time to reinvigorate our web presence in line with our new customer-oriented strategy. Intuitiveness was a major factor in the conceptualisation of the new layout – this ensures that users can find the desired information
with ease.

Visitors to our revamped website will notice that Saurer’s products and services are organised according to application and systems. This highlights our commitment to providing customers with fit-for-purpose solutions for the processing of fibre and yarn. Clients will also be able to access our service offerings: Sun – Service Unlimited, the online customer portal Secos as well as the new training portal Saurer Academy.

With Saurer’s repositioning, it is vital for all our stakeholders to understand where the group is heading in terms of strategy and how we aim to achieve our vision. This is why we have included our purpose story and core values for the first time.

Aside from offering users a highly visual experience with integrated picture galleries and a range of image, training and product videos, the responsive design we have adopted means that the website is displayed optimally on desktop computers and hand-held devices.

“Our aim was not just to give the site a facelift, but to ensure that it met state-of-the-art technical standards in order to be prepared for the future. A website is always evolving – Saurer is a dynamic company and we will keep improving the site step by step and adding new content on a regular basis to ensure our customers, investors and applicants can stay up to date,” explains Silke Maier, Saurer’s Senior Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager, who headed the relaunch.

Saurer Group is a leading globally operating technology group focusing on machinery and components for yarn processing. As a company with a long tradition, Saurer has always been a leader in innovation. Today, Saurer comprises the two segments Saurer Spinning Solutions and Saurer Technologies. Saurer Spinning Solutions offers high quality, technologically advanced and customer-specific automation solutions for processing staple fibre from bale to yarn. Saurer Technologies specialises in twisting and embroidery as well as engineered and polymer solutions. With annual sales revenues of EUR 1,175 million, 4,700 employees, and locations in Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, the USA, China, India and Singapore, the strongly growing group is well positioned to serve the world’s textile industry centres.

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