Sarex offers durable flame retardant for 100% cotton and polyester fibre

Sarex offers durable flame retardant for 100% cotton and polyester fibre

Sarex offers durable flame retardant for 100% cotton and polyester fibre

Sarex Chemicals is a leading textile chemicals manufacturing company for more than 60 years. Sarex exports its products to continents like North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Due to the fact that Sarex is India’s largest exporter of Textile Chemicals, the Government has recognised it with a Two Star Export House status. Dr Naresh Saraf, Executive Director, Sarex Chemicals, shares recent innovation and product range with Divya Shetty.

Kindly explain the current state of the Indian technical textiles industry.

Technical textiles, which includes automotive applications, medical textiles, geotextiles, agro-textiles and protective clothing, is growing at a fast pace in India, after the pandemic. I personally feel there is a huge scope for growth in the field of technical textiles, as the consumers are becoming more technical centric and need more functionality in their fabrics.

Which services does your company offer?

We offer complete range of processing chemicals and auxiliaries from pre-treatment to finishing for all types of textile substrates. We have team of R & D, who work relentlessly to develop environmental friendly solutions to the problems faced by the industries. We have a team of marketing people in all states of India who provide hand holding support to the industry for taking trials and setting new products and if required provide free consultation regarding the problems they are facing during manufacturing.

What are the features of your most popular brand/product, and how does it serve the needs of society?

From the gamut of products we offer, we have our

CareguardSeries which are C6 based Fluorocarbon, which are used as protective finish for fabrics which are used in Protective textiles, Medical textiles, Home textiles etc. against various liquid spills and thus increase the serviceability of the fabrics.

Ecoguard Series are Fluorine free Water repellents which provide protection against water based stains and thus protects the fabric from getting stained thus and reduces the wear tear of the fabrics and increase the life of the textile material.

Saraguard Series protects the fabrics from getting attacked from microbial attack and avoids foul smell and imparts odour control finish, thus making the user feel fresh for a longer time and avoids spreading of bacteria’s.

Flamguard series protects the fabrics from catching fire and thus have great application in clothtech, hometech, protech, mobiltech etc. thus providing vital protection to the end user from causing any sever injuries.

How was your company’s performance in this fiscal year?

Our company has been doing pretty well and is growing at a solid pace, we have been in this industry from last 70 years and are one of the largest Indian textile chemical manufacturing company. We have a good experience in handling various chemistries and facilities to carry our various polymerisation reaction. We have expanded our manufacturing facility in the last fiscal year which will help us in increasing our production by multifold.

How does your company address the demands of the export markets?

We have a good understanding of our customer’s requirement and have a long lasting relationship with them so we have a forecast of their requirements, and as mentioned above we have scaled up our production facilities to meet their requirements well-timed. We also have few local agents in export market who help us in keeping stocks of our products locally.

The other aspect of catering to export market is the compliance of latest environmental regulations and due to this we regularly undergo various ISO, BlueSign and GOTS audits which makes us capable of exporting all around the world. We are the largest exporter of textile chemicals from India.

What is your latest innovation in technical textiles?

We have developed a fluorine free water repellent which offers excellent repellence against water based stains and it is completely PFOA, PFOS and free of other hazardous compounds, it is BlueSign and GOTS registered.

We have also been successful in developing high performance fluid repellent which can repel Petrol, Diesel and other hazardous solvents and protect the wearer.

We have also added a Durable flame retardant in our range for 100% Polyester and 100% Cotton fabric which are durable to multiple home launderings and are free of halogen.

How is the government supporting the technical textile sector?

Government has invested a considerable amount by creating special technical parks and textile zones for specialty fibres, sustainable textiles, geotextiles Mobiltech and sports textiles under its flagship programme of National Technical Textiles Mission under the able leadership of Piyush Goyal.

I would take this platform to thank the Government for the work that is being carried out and also appeal to them to look into textile chemical sectors as well, as Textile chemical manufacturers play a very important role in providing functional finishing chemicals like Oil & Water repellent, Flame retardant, Anti-microbial, Coating Agents etc. which provide functionality and value addition to these technical textile fabrics.

Outlook for Technical Textiles…

According to me, there is scope for rapid growth in the non-conventional textile business in the country and technical textile segment is having the most potential for growth. Being a major exporter in the textile sector, Indian companies have enough capability and expertise to be at the top of the supply chain. It is just that we as an individual and as a company need to reduce our dependency on international market for raw materials and push for make in India and buy more of Indian made products.

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