Rieter’s G37 meets all needs for efficient production

Rieter’s G37 meets all needs for efficient production

The ring spinning machine G 37 meets all needs for an efficient yarn production. The machine produces high-quality yarns with highest production rates and lowest energy consumption.

The ring spinning machine G 37
meets all needs for an efficient yarn production. The machine produces
high-quality yarns with highest production rates and lowest energy consumption.

With the G 37 customers profit from a
top-quality machine, efficient energy utilisation with LENA spindles and IE4 main
motors as well as an
optimised suction system. The semi-electronic drafting system allows a fast
change of yarn parameters. As a result, only little time is required for a
machine changeover. The integrated individual spindle monitoring system ISM
premium reduces personnel costs significantly and opens the door to the world
of digitisation. Besides efficiency, the G 37 is also very flexible. With the
new generation of compacting devices for compact yarn production and systems
for slub and core yarns, customers are optimally prepared to easily adapt to
new market conditions.

Energy-Efficient Drives and Spindles


In ring yarn production, 50-60 per cent of
the energy costs of the whole spinning process are caused by the end spinning
machine. For this reason, Rieter is particularly investing in energy-efficient
and reliable technologies for the most important components like motors,
inverters and drive systems.

More than 80 per cent of the energy of the
end spinning machine is used for the spindle drive. Here, energy savings can be
achieved with the extremely efficient permanent magnetic IE4 main motor which
is developed for high spindle speeds. The motor can also be used profitably on
machines with fewer spindles and low speeds due to its permanent magnetic

In addition, the proven Rieter 4-spindle
tape drive with only one large drive motor shows great advantages. This drive
is energy-efficient, easy to handle and operates without failure. The low
contact pressure due to only 90° enlacement guarantees low energy consumption.
Furthermore, the LENA spindle reduces the overall energy consumption of the
machine by up to 4 per cent and is recommended for yarn counts Ne 28 and

Short Machine Changeover Time

In terms of efficiency, an outstanding
advantage of the G 37 machine is the easy yarn setting. The semi-electronic
drafting system allows quick gear change for yarn count settings (Fig. 1).
Parameters such as yarn twist and twist direction can be simply set by
fingertip on the operating unit. There is no need to change gears or make any
other mechanical adjustments which leads to less work for operating personnel.
The machine changeover time for a complete yarn parameter change including yarn
count, twist and Z or S twist direction is reduced to 65 minutes, compared to
145 minutes for a competitor’s mechanical system. The spinning of small batches
becomes much more economical.

Unique Suction System

The suction system of the G 37 is an
outstanding advantage compared to competition. The large cross-section of the
suction duct lowers the air speed and reduces the air resistance (Fig. 2). This
advantage is particularly apparent when the G 37 is equipped with the
compacting device COMPACTdrum. The double-sided suction on long machines
creates additional energy savings by further reducing the energy required to
generate the necessary vacuum. Compared to a single-sided suction system, the
same air volume can be transported using less energy.

High Flexibility with Devices for Compact and Special Yarn

The compacting
device COMPACTdrum for the G 37 enables a quick changeover from conventional
ring yarn to compact yarn with simple installation. COMPACTdrum performs with
extraordinary yarn quality results. Significantly less yarn hairiness as well
as a better yarn tenacity and unevenness improve the running properties in
further processing. In the end product this leads to an enhancement of the
appearance (Fig. 3). With low energy requirements, very high productivity and
long-life technology components, production costs are kept low.
No periodic wearing of compacting elements like
aprons are necessary.

The production of fancy yarns is also
possible at any time. This flexibility is made possible by the Rieter one-duct
system that has incorporated such adaptations in its concept. Whether you
choose the highest yarn quality, the fastest spindle speeds, or a cheaper raw
material – with the G 37, maximum plant efficiency is achieved anytime.

Efficient Personnel Deployment with ROBOspin

ROBOspin is the first fully automated
piecing robot for ring spinning machines and increases productivity
significantly. One robot per machine side repairs ends down that occur during
doffing or while the machine is running. The robot travels directly to the
affected spinning position and repairs ends down in the shortest time possible
(Fig. 4). As a result, the complete piecing cycle runs fully automatically –
from finding the yarn on the cops to placing the yarn in the traveler, in the
yarn guide element and behind the delivery roller. The robot receives the required
information from the integrated individual spinning monitoring system ISM

Reduced number
of operators simplifies mill planning and organisation:

Highest mill efficiency with ROBOspin

Reduction of human error impact

Reduction of staff absence impact (no
illness, no holidays, no quitting)

ESSENTIAL – The All-In-One Mill Management System

ESSENTIAL is a modular system to gradually
digitise the spinning mill while meeting the highest security standards. The
Rieter Digital Spinning Suite creates values from data by providing key
indicators of spinning mill performance. This system connects all machines,
auxiliaries, and business management systems in one or several spinning mills.
Customized to the requirements of the spinning mill, ESSENTIAL displays
user-specific information. As a result, owners, managers, and operators can
manage, monitor, and maintain spinning mills with one click.

These and many other features make the new
Rieter ring spinning machine G 37 the perfect fit for spinners who count on
high efficiency while saving costs through low energy consumption. Find out
more on rieter.com

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