Rabatex revolutionises textile sampling globally

Rabatex revolutionises textile sampling globally


The company’s new fabric sampling machine features a 20-inch working width and a maximum fabric sampling length of 30 metres.

Rabatex Industriesis a manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of textile machinery.  The company has recently developed fabric sampling solution that are installed globally including USA / Turkey / Indonesia with land mark installation in India at Nandan (Chiripal Group), Shahi Exports, Saam Textiles, Nitin Spinners, Sangam Group , Kanchan Group , Rajapalayam Mills , Birla Century and many more. Versatile user friendly equipment has grabbed user confidence at next level with ease of operation.

Rabatex Industries’ new fabric sampling weaving machine (small width) features a 20-inch working width and a maximum fabric sampling length of 30 meters. It includes an auto weft selector with 8 selections and 20 shafts for intricate pattern weaving. The machine offers advanced close loop control for speed and tension, ensuring consistent fabric quality. Fully PLC-controlled, it provides seamless automation for enhanced efficiency and user convenience.

A textile sample is a piece of cloth or fabric designed to represent a larger whole. A small sample, usually taken from existing fabric, is called a swatch, whilst a larger sample, made as a trial to test print production methods, is called a strike off. For plain-dyed fabrics it is called a lab-dip, and for yarn-dyed fabrics (like stripes and checks), it is called a handloom.

The use of swatches has formed an essential part of the design process of textiles throughout different cultures across history. Samples enable designers to display different types of fabric, demonstrating how different colours, materials, trims and methods of weaving will look in real terms—something that may not be readily apparent from a paper of digital design—before the entire fabric is manufactured.

A textile manufacturer may bring together several swatches of materials into a single sample book, which may serve to enable a salesperson to display a wide selection of fabrics to potential customers in a convenient manner. A textile swatch book may also serve as an internal reference for materials that have been made previously and could be manufactured again.

New trend in fashion industry, brand promoter or designer need to feel fabric as actual garment as well as to test market with small quantity of garment, where Advanced Sample warper makes major roll to prepare a short length actual warp with minimum quantity of warp yarn with unlimited design or pattern possibility. This process improves highest success ratio of any new product promotion effectively with actual test market results. Apart from this customisation fabric need is increasing day by day where user need to have specific design or pattern of fabric, which can be fulfilled with use of this technology.

Rabatex Industries have been an indispensable part of fabric industry the world over with new technological evolutions equivalent to any global know how in warp preparation machinery, fabric sampling machinery and material handling and storage equipment for more than 6 decades.  Thus, the vacuum which the Indian fabric industry has been subjected to once, could be eliminated by advanced technological import substitute machinery.  

Rabatex experts, have been interacting with the technical experts in textile industry across the world over about their actual requirement with respect to value for investment as well as product output expectation in quickest fabric sampling solution. With patience and creation ability, Rabatex Team have made analysis need of future demand and customer expectation as well as global opportunity of Indian Textile Fabric Manufacturing Industry. Exploring highest opportunity for Textile Industry to display their capability, creativity, and value addition.

Rabatex have now come out with a complete range of Fabric Sampling Solutions like Small Width Fabric Weaving Machine, Small Width Single End Warper, Cone to cone sizing and Advanced Sample Warper for short length preparation which has its unique features to submit.  Of course, the added advantages or special features which every Rabatex brand products always carry have been fed into this new launch also. More than 6 decades of tradition inspires them to come out with something new every time for their patrons.