Our main aim is to develop more products

Our main aim is to develop more products

Founded in 1996 by KO Panchal, Dhara Engineering Works belongs to those small size private, financed companies whose creativity specialises knowledge and forces provide for a constant adjustment to changing market conditions.

Founded in 1996 by KO Panchal, Dhara Engineering Works belongs to those small size private, financed companies whose creativity specialises knowledge and forces provide for a constant adjustment to changing market conditions. Over the years, the company has been developed in one of the textile manufacturers of textile machinery in India.

Jay Panchal of Dhara Engineering Works speaks on the various products offered by the company and its salient features.

Brief description about your company.

Dhara Engineers was started in the year 1996 by KO Panchal. Earlier, we had only one product, i.e., prime cylinder. After that, we started adding new products to our portfolio. These include drying cylinder/can, storage vessel, steamers, among others. All these products are used in textile sizing mills. Drying cylinders are specially developed with manufacturing process and more than 19 years of experience in the production of the walled cylinders ensure products of highest quality. The cylinders are characterised by particularly low radial run-out and perfect welding workmanship. The thin-walled steam cylinders are designed and constructed as pressure vessels, in-line with customer’s requirement and specifications. These cylinders are used in sizing, non-woven ranges as well as in textile and technical fabric finishing machines.

Recently, we have introduced two new products – dyeing range machine and jigger dyeing machine.

Tell us more about the dyeing range machine and jigger dyeing machines. How it is different from the competitors?

We offer better quality than our competitors. We use heavy thickness material in all our products. It is more reliable than any other products that are available in the market. We believe in quality and not in quantity.

At the heart of the splendid success of Dhara Engineering Works, lies the dedicated focus to high-end quality and absolute safety. Through decades of experience and engineering excellence, the company has achieved perfect designs, consistent performance, durability and complete user-safety products. Each product is manufactured keeping in mind the specific requirements of customers. The best-in-class manufacturing process ensures cost-effective and zero-defect products. Dhara Engineering Works is a leading manufacturing of textile machinery in India. Multi-level quality check and control measures are stringently followed to ensure and maintain high quality of products.

Cylinder dryers are an efficient and cheapest system for fabric drying and energy saving due to its direct contact drying. Cylinder dryers are used in continuous operation with wet processing finishing lines or as separate drying machine as well.

Dyeing jigger is made of ebonite roller/stainless steel. The frames are made of graded cast-iron rigidly connected by means of cast-iron tie bars. The drive to the main roll is given through differential gear box resulting in constant fabric speed. Each batching roll fitted with breaks shoe permitting adjustment of fabric tension within the wide limit to suit heavy to a light fabric. The liquor tank is of stainless steel through fabricated out of 304/316 quality 16swg. At the bottom, two stainless steel guide rolls of 3inch mounted on hylum bearing. The heating device is of perforated steel pipe for direct heating and coil if required for indirect heating provided below the guide rolls.

The dyeing range machine is used for drying the clothes. I can proudly say that in just two years, we have sold 13 machines in Gujarat itself and sold five in north India.

Do you export? If yes, which are your stronger markets?

We have been exporting all the cylinders, but now we plan to start exporting our new products too. Slowly, we are looking to export our products. Our first target is Europe and Bangladesh.

How do think is the market for your products in India?

The market for our products is pretty good. Our first criteria right now is to develop more products for the demanding market.

Any new products in the pipeline?

We are in the pipeline to develop mercerizer machine. Recently we have developed this jigger dyeing machine. This machine has been launched at ITMACH only. These machines are used in processing mills. It is basically a chemical tank. In these tanks, clothes pass and gets more robust. We have not sold any machines right now. We have received some enquiries, and after the exhibition, we will work on them.

What are the challenges you are facing?

Right now, the biggest challenge is the condition of the market. This year has been pretty bad for the entire industry, and we have faced a slowdown in orders too. It was a decent year for us. May be next year, we will improve.

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